1200 Microsoft Points (Xbox), Mass Effect 2 (PS3), Razer SWTOR Headset (PC)

For XBox users who are interested in getting Mass Effect 3: Citadel (1200 MSP = $15) at a slight discount, Newegg is selling 1200 MSP digital codes (i.e. instant delivery) for 15% off with promo code 15OFFXBOXLIVE. This takes the net cost of Citadel down to $12.75 and you don't have to contend with leftover MSP currency, nice and neat.

Mass Effect 2 (Playstation 3) is also being featured as a weekly gaming deal for 40% off ($12). The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 uniquely includes most of Mass Effect 2's premium DLC (except for Arrival).

On the branded peripheral front, Newegg is offering the premium Razer SWTOR gaming headset for 46% off ($70). It's their first week of Razer sales, so it's possible that we'll be seeing some Dragon Age and Mass Effect branded products in subsequent weeks.

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $7.50 (PCDD) at D2D

This weekend, Direct2Drive has Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for 75% off ($7.50) pc digital download as a part of it's EA Weekend Sale. This is a new price low for this bundle, which includes the original Dragon Age: Origins, all of its premium DLC (including the deluxe edition contents), and the expansion campaign Awakening. Unfortunately, this sale price is only available to the United States and Canada.

On a similar note, Dragon Age: Origins Awakening is on sale for 50% off (1200 xbox points or $15) at the Xbox Live "Extreme Shopping Sale," which will last until October 4th.

Win a Signed Copy of Dragon Age 2 (XBox)

Want to get your hands on a XBox 360 copy of Dragon Age 2 signed by the Bioware team? Virtual Flicks is offering up one to a random entrant who subscribes to the Virtual Flicks Podcast and leaves a review on iTunes of the February 28th episode (make sure you mention your email address in the review). To qualify, your review must contain the code phrase, which is mentioned in the podcast you are to review. Drawing will take place on March 22nd, 2011.

Mass Effect 3 (XBox) for $16.99 (43% off)

Newegg (U.S. only) is offering the XBox version of Mass Effect for $16.99, which is $13 savings off of the MRSP of $29.99 (43% off). Not the best sale I've seen for this game, but at the moment, it is one of the lowest offers for the Xbox version, which notably offers Kinect-enabled voice commands for singleplayer squad control. This item is a part of Newegg's current 48-hour sale, which started at 12:01 am PT on January 15th and runs until the end of the day on January 17th.

Mass Effect 3 for $48 at Newegg (Preorder)

For those of you in the U.S., you may be interested in Newegg's weekend promotion on physical copies of Mass Effect 3 (Standard Edition) PC/XBox/PS3 preorders. Promo code EMCYTZT1034 drops the asking price from $60 to $48 (20% discount). Your email address must be subscribed to their newsletter to use the code. Personally, as a fan, I would go for a physical collector's edition, but unfortunately that is not the deal being featured here. Still, you can save a few bucks, and use that to cover most of a month of SWTOR, perhaps.

Dragon Age 2: Patch 1.03 (PC/Mac/X360/PS3)

Patch 1.03 has recently been released for Dragon Age 2. In addition to almost 200 bugfixes (across all platforms), it introduces significant changes to the overall balance of the game, "improving the strategic elements and making combat and class progression more engaging and enjoyable for players." Here are the patch notes complete with table of contents and platform specific changes compiled all into one place. Read More

[Wall Post] Mass Effect 3 Patch 1.02

Today BioWare released a new patch for Mass Effect 3, which should update your game version to 1.02. This patch most notably fixes importing the appearance of custom Shepards and eliminates more potential crashes. The PC version of this patch is out today, April 9, just launch Origin and the game will automatically begin patching. The console versions will be rolled out tomorrow, April 10.

Source: blog.bioware.com

Whew! Busy day of news! We have a new patch that fixes a few issues with the game. See below. Patch Notes: April 9th - PC April 10th

Read More

Post-Patch 1.02 Known Issues

Dragon Age Patch 1.02 (aka 1.01 for console users) may have fixed a slew of bugs, but Bioware has acknowledged that there are still issues that they're going through for the upcoming 1.03 patch (1.02 for console users). Luke Barrett has been kind enough to compile a list of known issues that they're aware of, actively investigating, and/or fixing as we speak in the PC and XBox Technical support forums. More after the break. Read More