San Diego Comic Con: Day 1

Collecting all of the BioWare convention buzz from Thursday, July 21, 2011 for your convenient perusal here. This post covers a plethora of things, from stage demos for Dragon Age 2: Legacy and Mass Effect 3 to Dragon Age: Redemption, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and even Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Read More

[Wall Post] Legendary Pictures’ Comic-Con Panel: Mass Effect Movie

If you'll be attending the San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 22, check out the Legendary Pictures panel, which will have Casey Hudson (executive producer of the Mass Effect series) and Mass Effect's movie adaptation screenwriter Mark Protosevich to discuss details about the upcoming live action movie adaptation.


Legendary Films' first-ever Comic-Con panel will feature Mass Effect: The Movie and Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. According to Legendary's press release, Game creator Casey Hudson and the adaptation's screenwriter, Mark Protosevich, will be on hand Friday, July 22, for a panel providing our f

[Wall Post] STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Comic-Con Event Planning Poll

David Bass put up a poll up to gather attendance information for the San Diego Comic Con this year. If you're in the area, even if you don't have a badge, you might get the opportunity to demo SWTOR.


There's no rest for the team over here as we turn towards San Diego for the upcoming Comic-Con International show (July 21-24). Once again, we're trying to gather some numbers for attendance for a variety of possible events.

[Wall Post] BioWare Costume Contest at San Diego Comic Con

Chris Priestly is reminding you that BioWare will be hosting a costume contest at San Diego Comic Con. Get your cosplay on and show up to have fun, mingle, and win prizes.


BioWare’s first ever costume contest showcasing costumes based off of any BioWare game. It is free for all who wish to participate in the contest or be in the audience and watch. Some entries will be individuals; others will be groups with a shared theme. The large stage in the BioWare Base in the H...

[Wall Post] Mass Effect March

BioWare announces another San Diego Comic Con event, the Mass Effect March on Saturday, July 23. All attendees will receive an omniblade (replica?) for participating. At the end of the march, Casey Hudson will announce "something significant" for all the Shepards out there.

Source: Mass Effect March

[Wall Post] BioWare brings Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II DLC to San Diego Comic Con

New Dragon Age 2 DLC, entitled 'Legacy,' has been announced as a part of BioWare's demo plans for San Diego Comic Con. Even if you don't have a badge for Comic Con, you can attend this hands-on demo event for Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2: Legacy if you're planning on being in San Diego at that time.


BioWare is once again returning to the San Diego Comic Con and this year, we are bringing Mass Effect 3 and a never before seen, Dragon Age II DLC with us. Comic Con begins Thursday July 21 and runs through Sunday July 24 and we will have all sorts of awesome BioWare coolness at our base in the Hil...