Raphael Sbarge’s Thanksgiving Gift to Kaidan Fans Immortalized On Youtube

Thank you, Internet! Raphael Sbarge, the voice of Bioware studs Carth Onasi and Kaidan Alenko, provided a special gift for fans over the Thanksgiving weeked. While we were busy stuffing our faces with turkey and playing the SWTOR beta unable to download a copy of the MP3 before its removal, thanks to intrepid fangirls, we're able to share his present with you. Read More

Raphael Sbarge Q&A: Books, Mass Effect, Once Upon a Time

FanGeek has a new audioblog entry from Raphael Sbarge, the voice actor for Kaidan Alenko in the Mass Effect series. Among other things, he answers a few more questions about his involvement with Mass Effect, what it's like recording some pretty steamy romance dialogue, and whether or not he has played the Mass Effect games. He also mentions that voice recording for Mass Effect 3 is now done. Huzzah!

[Wall Post] Raphael Sbarge checks back in after another ‘Mass Effect 3′ recording session

FanGeek.com has an audio comment from Raphael Sbarge about his latest voice recording session for Mass Effect 3's Kaidan Alenko, and he attempts to answer a fan question about whether or the latest iteration of Kaidan will retain the character's characteristic humor. Thanks to meesherbeans and femshep_com for the heads up!

Source: fangeek.com

Raphael Sbarge checks back in after another 'Mass Effect 3' recording session

[Wall Post] Raphael Sbarge answers more questions about Kaidan Alenko

Raphael Sbarge, voice actor for Mass Effect's Kaidan Alenko, returns to answer a couple of more questions about his character in relation to the upcoming Mass Effect 3. This time, he tackles questions about Kaidan's relationship to broShep and how he himself identifies with his character.

Source: fangeek.com

Raphael Sbarge answers questions about 'Once Upon a Time' and Kaidan Alenko