Win a Signed Copy of Dragon Age 2 (XBox)

Want to get your hands on a XBox 360 copy of Dragon Age 2 signed by the Bioware team? Virtual Flicks is offering up one to a random entrant who subscribes to the Virtual Flicks Podcast and leaves a review on iTunes of the February 28th episode (make sure you mention your email address in the review). To qualify, your review must contain the code phrase, which is mentioned in the podcast you are to review. Drawing will take place on March 22nd, 2011.

Stephen Reid Interview

Just a bit late on this tidbit (thank you, Rift beta)...there's a podcast interview over at TOR-Talk with Bioware's Stephen Reid, the community manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I couldn't make heads or tails of what's at their crazy flashified main website, but there's a clear as day link to the podcast on their podbean site. I'll admit, I had difficulty slogging through that TORO podcast I mentioned before, so I'm going to need some caffeine before diving into yet another podcast.