Post-Patch 1.02 Known Issues

Dragon Age Patch 1.02 (aka 1.01 for console users) may have fixed a slew of bugs, but Bioware has acknowledged that there are still issues that they're going through for the upcoming 1.03 patch (1.02 for console users). Luke Barrett has been kind enough to compile a list of known issues that they're aware of, actively investigating, and/or fixing as we speak in the PC and XBox Technical support forums. More after the break. Read More

Freebie: Amulet of Ashes DLC (PS3)

Thanks to some issues Best Buy had with the PS3 codes for their preorder promotion, the redemption for the Amulet of Ashes on the PS3 has been opened up to everyone who owns a copy of the PS3 version of Dragon Age 2. Simply navigate to this redemption page while logged into your Bioware account, and submit one of the existing UPC code options there, and the item will be added to your entitlements. Credit to MrMasterQ for pointing this out.

EA Winter Sale (Today Only)

Electronic Arts is holding a Winter Sale today, January 20, only until 4pm PST, with most of their inventory - both physical and digital - on sale for 50% off. You have to use this coupon link specifically in order to activate the discount.

This is an excellent opportunity to pick up physical copies of titles like Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition, Mass Effect 2 cheaply. Notable sales include... Read More

Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Offers

If it wasn't already apparent, I like to keep track of gaming sales, and these Kmart deals one might be of interest to you if you're planning on getting either or both Mass Effect 2 (for the Playstation 3) and Dead Space 2 (for whatever platform) sometime soon: Read More

Mass Effect 2 (PS3): Contents and Extras

Just a reminder, PS3 owners can pick up Mass Effect 2 starting tomorrow, 1/18. It will retail for $59.99, compared to $19.99 for the standard editions on PC and XBox 360. However, in addition to the main campaign, you'll also be getting some bonuses to make up for coming to the game a year late. Here's a look at what you'll be getting in addition to the main game. Read More