[Wall Post] Dark Horse’s Dave Marshall talks comics about BioWare games

Big Shiny Robot's interview with Dark Horse Editor Dave Marshall mentions that Dragon Age will be getting another comic series, Mass Effect comics will continue even after Shepard's story ends, and SWTOR is getting another arc.

Source: www.bigshinyrobot.com

My love of video games is almost matched by my love for funny books. One company stands heads and shoulders above it’s competition for consistently putting out high quality stories and masterful visuals based on video game properties. But, that’s not all Dark Horse does. I met up with Dark Horse Edi...

[Wall Post] PAX 2011: David Bass on the September Beta Testing Weekends

Apparently, if you get selected for beta testing in the SWTOR Beta Testing Weekends, you will only have access to the game for that specific weekend. Different groups of invitees will be cycled in each weekend.

Source: darthhater.com

Senior Community Coordinator David Bass took some time during PAX to answer some questions about Beta Testing Weekends. Read on after the jump to find out when...