[Wall Post] Remember, Electronic Arts Won’t let you Sue Them, Either

Looks like Origin changed their terms of service again, removing your right to sue Origin/EA for the most part.

Source: kotaku.com

While Sony's new "don't sue us" terms of service are terrible, let's not focus just on Sony. Other companies are now free to do the same thing. Like Electronic Arts. If you scroll down to the bottom of EA's most recent terms of service, which includes both accounts made for the publisher's online.....

[Wall Post] EA revises Origin EULA; data collection is still in, collection for marketing is out

EA revises Origin's EULA, there's no more clause about collecting anonymous statistics for marketing purposes.

Source: www.joystiq.com

People finally got around to reading the end user license agreement for EA's download service Origin, and found that it allowed EA to collect personal and usage data for marketing purposes. In response, EA issued a revised, much softer-sounding version of Origin's EULA.

Steam and Origin – What this Means for Bioware Games

The EA/Valve rift is still going on, with no indication that any progress has been made in whatever is causing this current corporate catfight. However, with Dragon Age 2's recent removal from the Steam store, a question has arose giving exposure of the market to Bioware's releases. Read More

[Wall Post] WSJ Reports SWTOR Exclusive To New EA Download Service

You won't find SWTOR on Steam, D2D, or any other digital download service. Apparently, it will be exclusively sold online via Origin, EA's upcoming digital distribution service for EA games. Physical copies will still be available at the usual retailers though.

Source: darthhater.com

In an interview with Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, the Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required to view) Star Wars: The Old Republic will exclusively be a part of their new digital delivery service named Origin. EA will announce more details about Origin tomorrow (Friday).

[Wall Post] Dragon Age: Legends – Origin Package

Get a free pack of items and consumables for the Dragon Age Legends Facebook game by checking out this promo at Origin. You will need to have or register (free) for an Origin (aka EA) account in order to complete the transaction. You already have one if you're playing DA:L anyway.

Source: store.origin.com

The free Origin promo pack for Dragon Age Legends grants players:
• Exclusive, class-specific Origin armor
• 10 Shock Bombs
• 10 Luck Potions
• 20 Shard Bombs
• 20 Health Potions

[Wall Post] BioWare clarifies SWTOR exclusivity on Origins

This article clarifies to what extent you would have to use EA's digital distribution platform, Origin to obtain and play SWTOR digitally. In essence, once you have purchased and downloaded the game, you don't need to run Origin at all. You won't need to install or use Origin if you purchased a physical copy either. All updates/patches and login will only involve the game client and SWTOR's servers.

Source: www.vg247.com

BioWare has clarified that while Star Wars: The Old Republic will be digitally exclusive to Origin when it launches, the retail copy of the game will not require you to install the Origin client.