A Word on Origin and Bioware Games, If You Please [Updated]

The launch of EA's military shooter, Battlefield 3 has not gone smoothly. Server issues, privacy concerns, and instances of poor customer service have led to criticisms about EA's practices; in particular, the marriage of the PC version of BF3 with EA's Origin desktop client. With two major releases coming from Bioware offices, some gamers have been murmuring about the possibility of The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 going down the path of Origin exclusivity. Let's cut through the FUD and talk about what we know. Read More

[Wall Post] Origin Insider Deals – 60% off Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Origins (pc digital download) will briefly be 60% off with promo code at Origin if Origin Insider Deals gets 800 likes on their deal post by 6:30 pm PT. Update: The Facebook goal has been reached, so expect a promo code at around 6:30pm PT. Details on how Origin Insider Deal discounts work after the break. Read More

Origin “Dual-Play” for Dragon Age 2

Origin has just debuted its Mac OS client, and it includes the "dual-play" feature for select titles in its library. Dual-play titles include both Mac and Win versions of the game, so if you buy either the Mac or Win version, you get both versions. I installed the client on my macbook just to see which of my BioWare game purchases are supported. Read More

Well, $*@&. Mass Effect 3 Requires Origin

A few months ago, I had made a post stating that, based on the information presented at the time, it was far too early to assume the Chicken Little position over Mass Effect 3 and EA's digital distribution platform, Origin. Perhaps I was too hopeful, but I stand corrected. Confirmation comes from Chris Priestly this week that, in fact, the final game in Shepard's trilogy will be requiring the platform on PC. Read More

$20 Future-Purchase Credit for Preordering Mass Effect 3 via Origin

As a part of this new slew of Origin client-only promo codes, Mass Effect 3 preorders (standard edition pc digital download only) made through the Origin client will net you $20 of credit towards future purchases at Origin. If you want promotional credit for physical copies of the standard edition (pc, xbox, ps3), Amazon.com is still currently your best bet with a $10 promotional credit towards future video game purchases. More about the fine print and caveats after the break. Read More

Could Bioware Games Be Returning To Steam?

According to an anonymous report received over at BF3Blog, a fan site for DICE's upcoming military shooter, EA and Valve are nearing a final agreement on DLC sales for Battlefield 3 - which would allow the highly anticipated title to be sold on the Steam platform in time for its 10/25 release. Now, take an anonymous tip on a fansite for what it's worth, but this could be big news for those of you who enjoy both the ubiquitous digital storefront and Bioware's most recent games. Read More

60% off Dragon Age 2 (Again) via Origin

Unfortunately, the 60% off deal on BioWare games and points at Origin ended along with the weekend, but it's not too late to nab a copy of Dragon Age 2 for 60% off ($8). Origin is offering another promo code, but this time it is specifically for Dragon Age 2 (pc digital download) only. Read More

Pre-Black-Friday Deals on Origin: Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2

Origin is currently offering both Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition pc digital downloads for $10 each. Combine that with the Origin offer for $10 of credit towards a December purchase for an excellent deal value. Considering that no digital download store can resist running a holiday-themed sale event in December, you may ultimately be able to snag 2 or more major titles for that initial $10 investment. Read More

60% off BioWare Games and Points via Origin

According to NeoGAF and CheapAssGamer, you can take advantage of a reusable promo code to get 60% off select games (including Dragon Age 1 and 2, Mass Effect 1 and 2) and, most importantly, 800 BioWare Points packs (doesn't work with 1600 points packs) via the Origin client. BioWare points have never been on sale before, and with such a massive discount, it's a great opportunity to stock up for future Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 DLC purchases (or to buy some existing DLC). Read More