NYCC ’11 – Mass Effect Panel video

I've finally uploaded Danny's camcorder footage of part of the Dark Horse and Bioware Present: Mapping the Mass Effect Universe panel at New York Comic Con, October 15, 2011. I'm surprised that a better video of this panel still hasn't been made available. (There were several other attendees who recorded it with handheld video cameras.) Hopefully, BioWare will have podcasts of the panel up soon. Until then, check this out if you need to sate your curiosity... Read More

NYCC ’11 – It’s Panel Time!

New York Comic Con has left me with an increasingly sore throat, as well as puppy-level-enthusiasm for what's on the horizon from Bioware. We weren't able to attend all the panels, but for our benefit, and yours, we found videos from most of the presentations that touched on Bioware worlds and products and put them in one handy page for you after the break. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age: Tallis Art and Costume Contest

BioWare just released the texture artwork for Tallis' costume in the hopes that cosplayers and fan artists can use this resource for their projects. Anyone who shows up to BioWare's Dragon Age panel on October 15th at NY Comic Con with a completed Tallis costume will receive a prize for their efforts. Also, those who can tweet their fan art and/or photos to @dragonage with the hashtags #dragonage and #fanart will have an additional chance to win something. Deadline for Twitter submissions is November 1. Read More

NYCC Posts Are Coming

Hey guys. Apologies for the delay in NYCC posts. We saw quite a bit of the floor and what Bioware had to offer, along with some goodies from the likes of Kotobukiya and Dark Horse. However, we're having some technical difficulties with our equipment and won't be able to share a whole lot until it gets sorted.

[Wall Post] NYCC 2011: Kotobukiya’s Mass Effect Bishoujo Liara

Plastikitty got the dish on the revised Kotobukiya Bishoujo Liara T'Soni statue that is currently being showcased at NYCC. It looks like the fan outcry over the prototype was heard, and many of the complaints (coloring, details, bustiness) have been addressed in this new version. It will go on sale May 30, 2012 for $70 (TFAW's initial preorder deadline is Oct 26, 2011 for a discounted $56).


Kotobukiya's Liara T'Soni Bishoujo has gone through a lot of controversy. Upon her original announcement, fans were pretty excited. Then the unpainted

Read More

SWTOR NYCC Meet-Up Should Bring the Oontz-Oontz.

If you're in the New York area, and can't make it to next weekend's Comic-Con, then you still have a chance to take TOR for the spin while enjoying an open bar and hanging out with some of the Bioware Austin team, as they'll be hosting a community meet-up next Wednesday. Just, you know, if you shoot first, leave a little something for the mess. Read More