Live Twitter Chat with Mac Walters

Mass Effect writer Mac Walters will be participating in a live Twitter chat event with Dark Horse Comics on December 20th at 11am PST. Anyone can watch or join in by using the #MEComicsChat hashtag. Although it is overtly a promotional event for the release of the latest issue of Mass Effect: Invasion, questions about the games seems to be allowed as well (he is the lead writer on the 2nd and 3rd games as well, after all). As an incentive for participating, Dark Horse is giving away 10 digital copies of the new Mass Effect: Invasion #3 issue! I've added the chat event to the calendar listing on the sidebar, although I converted the starting time to EST.

Review – Mass Effect: Invasion Issue 1

This week's New Comics Day features the premiere issue for Mac Walters' upcoming comic series, Mass Effect: Invasion - featuring Underworld Queen Aria T'Loak responding to an incoming threat from the Cerberus research facilities beyond the Omega-4 Relay. Thanks to the folks at Dark Horse's New York Comic Con booth this past weekend, we managed to get our hands on Issue 1 a few days early. Should you include this book in your next Wednesday bag? Read More

[Wall Post] Four Amazing Mass Effect: Invasion Covers

The newest tale in the Mass Effect universe, Mass Effect: Invasion, will come to us in comic form on October 19, telling the tale of asari Aria T'Loak, pirate queen of Omega Station. This story is supposed to tie into the events of Mass Effect 3.


Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Mass Effect: Invasion comic series hits store shelves on October 19. This series is penned by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, and features interior art from Omar Francia. The four covers shown here are from artists Massimo Carnevale and Paul Renaud, and will accompan...