Mass Effect Weekend Sales (2/14-2/19)

GamersGate is offering an "up to 75%" off sale (newer titles still 50% off) on digital downloads of Mass Effect games. Origin similarly has the Mass Effect Trilogy discounted (50% off). As well, EA Mobile has dropped Mass Effect: Infiltrator pricing for the iOS by 80% (again) for Valentine's Day, but as usual, there's no love for Android owners. Discount deets after the break. Read More

Mass Effect: Infiltrator iOS Sale (1/24-?)

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is EA's Daily Mobile deal for the iOS at $0.99. If you missed EA Mobile's giveaway for this title over the end-of-2012 holidays, 80% off of the list price of $4.99 is still pretty good. In ME:Infiltrator, you assume the role of Randall Ezno, a Cerberus agent gone rogue. As with the Mass Effect 3 Datapad app, you can boost your war readiness rating for Mass Effect 3 through the Galaxy at War system by playing Infiltrator.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Announced for iOS Devices

For those of you using Apple's shinies, EA announced yesterday an additional way to build up your Galactic Readiness level with a full-size looking third-person shooter for Apple's mobile platform. Developed by IronMonkey Studios, the app looks pretty impressive, and for Apple fans you get some "good ending" points and exclusive loot for Mass Effect 3. Details after the break. Read More