Mass Effect 3 (XBox) for $16.99 (43% off)

Newegg (U.S. only) is offering the XBox version of Mass Effect for $16.99, which is $13 savings off of the MRSP of $29.99 (43% off). Not the best sale I've seen for this game, but at the moment, it is one of the lowest offers for the Xbox version, which notably offers Kinect-enabled voice commands for singleplayer squad control. This item is a part of Newegg's current 48-hour sale, which started at 12:01 am PT on January 15th and runs until the end of the day on January 17th.

Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC Stream

If you missed BioWare's stream featuring Q&A about and gameplay from the Mass Effect 3: Reckoning Multiplayer DLC to be released tomorrow, it clocks in at a little over an hour in duration is now available for playback at your leisure. Maybe during Mass Effect Multiplayer server downtime/maintenance tomorrow morning (probably to deploy Reckoning) at 7am ET (4am PT)? Read More

Mass Effect 3 Community Banner Contest

Here's one for your inner artist: Create a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer-challenge-themed banner to be featured in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. The top five entries, as judged by the BioWare team, will be featured in the multiplayer portion of the game. Even if you haven't participated in the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect 3 avidly, you can glean some inspiration from the comprehensive list over at the Mass Effect Wiki. Submissions will be accepted by email until February 22, 2013 at 6PM GMT. Read More

Mass Effect: Infiltrator iOS Sale (1/24-?)

Mass Effect: Infiltrator is EA's Daily Mobile deal for the iOS at $0.99. If you missed EA Mobile's giveaway for this title over the end-of-2012 holidays, 80% off of the list price of $4.99 is still pretty good. In ME:Infiltrator, you assume the role of Randall Ezno, a Cerberus agent gone rogue. As with the Mass Effect 3 Datapad app, you can boost your war readiness rating for Mass Effect 3 through the Galaxy at War system by playing Infiltrator.

[Wall Post] Operation RESURGENCE

New weekend operation for Mass Effect MP. All players with the new, free Resurgence Pack will receive a "Reserves Pack" which unlocks one of the new characters, as well as a 10% XP boost when playing on one of the new maps.


Operation BEACHHEAD eased the pressure on allied planets and freed up conventional forces that were being hammered by the Reapers. Hit the jump to read which front Alliance forces will be hitting next! Continue reading →

Final Mass Effect 3 DLC Announced. *Sniffle*

The end of the Mass Effect 3 cycle is drawing nigh. Nearly a full year since the release of Shepard's final story, Bioware has announced two upcoming pieces of DLC that will draw a close to this Mass Effect arc. Due out Tuesday, February 26 is the new multiplayer pack Reckoning, and the week after brings the final single-player mission - Citadel. Read More

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Balance Changes (2/12)

BioWare deployed a new balance change for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer yesterday:

  • Biotic Charge Power
    Evolution 5 chance of not causing a cooldown increased from 33% to 50%
  • Annihilation Field Power
    Evolution 5 damage bonus increased from 50% to 65%
  • Hydraulic Joints Gear
    Melee damage bonus increased from [5%-15%] to [10%-20%]
  • Collector Sniper Rifle
    Damage increased from [68.3-85.4] to [73.0-91.3]
  • Incisor Sniper Rifle
    Damage increased from [93.3-116.6] to [98.0-122.5]

Dragon Age: Origins UE, Mass Effect 1/3 Sales (1/23-1/28)

The pc digital download version of Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition is currently listed in the offers section of Origin for $10 (60% off). Origin also lists Mass Effect 1 for $6.99 (53% off). Gamefly is offering the pc digital download keys of Mass Effect 3 (for Origin) for $14.99 (50% off). Frankly, these offers are a step down from the discounts we saw just earlier this month, but if you want it NOW!, here are your money-saving options.

Mass Effect 3 Patch 1.05 Released

BioWare recently deployed patch 1.05 for Mass Effect 3, which fixes a couple of issues for all platforms:

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where users could have all of their weapons use rocket ammunition.
  • Fixed an issue with high memory usage when initializing DLCs.

Your game should automatically update the next time you load it up.

N7 Armor in Dead Space 3

As iconic as Isaac Clarke's mining helmet is, it always could a little color to make it really stand out... perhaps a bit of red stripe down the side?. To give Isaac, and his new co-protagonist Carver, some of that space pizzazz, Visceral Games have announced yet another cross-title promotion in the EA-verse. Mass Effect 3 players will be able to unlock N7-themed armors for the next chapter in EA's space horror franchise, Dead Space 3 Read More