Introducing Dragon Age Legends on Google+ and BioWare San Francisco

You might have spotted a familiar name with an unfamiliar icon among the lineup of launch titles for Google+ browser games. Dragon Age Legends is now enjoying the spotlight alongside esteemed titles like Angry Birds as one of the up-and-coming social network's first game offerings. Although it will be updated concurrently with its Facebook incarnation, Google+'s Dragon Age Legends will be a separate entity, requiring you to create a new hero, and populate another friends list and guild. Having the opportunity to create a second character can be a good thing, since the game only allows you to have one character at a time. Read More

[Wall Post] The Call for War Cries

Dragon Age Legends is soliciting ideas for npc war cries.

Source: Dragon Age Legends (Wall Photos)

Contest time: We're introducing three new NPCs with our next update, and they need War Cries!

Reply here with your NPC War Cry suggestions by 2 p.m. PST on Wednesday, 5/25. We'll add our top three picks to the game and give the winners a little prize! <-- Play Dragon Age Legends NOW!

[Wall Post] Castle Names Contest

Suggest castle names for the NPC castles in Dragon Age: Legends, and if your suggestion is picked, you'll receive an in-game reward.

Source: Dragon Age Legends (Wall Photos)

We need help naming our NPCs castles! Reply here with your suggestions for castle names for the 6 NPCs by Sunday at Noon pst. We will rename the NPCs castles and send an in game reward to the best suggestions. Play now at

[Wall Post] Dragon Age Legends gets a scratch-and-win feature…

Really commander? A scratch and win game feature in an online rpg... I'm not exactly sure how this fits in with the whole RPG experience, but it does seem like EA2D is scrambling to attract/retain players by giving away loot. Free loot!


If you log into Dragon Age Legends today, you'll see our newest feature: the Daily Bonus Game. This scratcher-style game rewards players for logging in on successive days, giving you the chance to win items, unique gear, and up to 25,000 crowns!

[Wall Post] Dragon Age: Legends – Origin Package

Get a free pack of items and consumables for the Dragon Age Legends Facebook game by checking out this promo at Origin. You will need to have or register (free) for an Origin (aka EA) account in order to complete the transaction. You already have one if you're playing DA:L anyway.


The free Origin promo pack for Dragon Age Legends grants players:
• Exclusive, class-specific Origin armor
• 10 Shock Bombs
• 10 Luck Potions
• 20 Shard Bombs
• 20 Health Potions