BioWEAR Cosplay Alliance

Karissa Barrows, project manager of the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative, has created a Facebook group for anyone interested in seeking guidance and entry into the world of cosplaying BioWare game characters:

BioWEAR Cosplay Alliance

A community for ALL BioWare cosplayers, cosplay aficionados, and those who want to cosplay but desire a little guidance while starting up. There will never be charters, admins (beyond cleaning up spam and what have you), elitism, or anything otherwise of that nature here. What there WILL be is a group of super fun people who love cosplay and BioWare ready to share their efforts and help with yours.

Thanks to Patrick Weekes for the heads up on Twitter!

[Wall Post] Punished Props » Dragon Age 2: Hawke

Bill Doran blogs about the construction of his Dragon Age 2's Hawke costume and staffsword prop.


This year, not only am I doing PAX, I’m also going to Dragon*Con the following week! I hear that those folks in Atlanta take their costuming pretty seriously, so I had to make sure that my costume was up to par. I chose Hawke from Dragon Age 2, because I haven’t done a fantasy costume yet, and I alr...

Mass Effect: Reborn Soundtrack Pre-Release

Are you in the mood for some more Mass Effect themed music? Well, Phoenix Entertainment - the minds behind Mass Effect: Reborn, the upcoming Mass Effect fan-made modification for Homeworld 2 (a strategy game) - recently released the first six tracks of the custom soundtrack by Killer Tracks + Mattia that will be featured in their mod. Read More

Mass Effect Meets Battlefield Wallpaper

Have you seen the Mass Effect 3 mashup with Battlefield 2: Bad Company wallpaper that multiple social media sites, including the official Mass Effect Facebook page, are buzzing about? Yeah, I thought so. Thanks to Reddit, we now know that it was created by PXXL on DeviantArt for his own personal use, but posted up for everyone to enjoy. There are two versions available for your wallpapering needs. Read More

Mass Effect…Papercrafts?

BioWare fans never cease to amaze. While going through the massive backlog of stories in my feed reader, I unearthed a small feature that pointed me in the direction of a few advanced papercrafts of Mass Effect characters. These were not the usual ez-bake Cubecraft stand ups I expected to see. Instead, I was staring at photos of intricate miniature statues that hardly looked like they were made of paper at all. The cincher is that, if you're feeling very crafty, these creators provided the paper templates for you to try your hand at making them yourself. Read More

[Wall Post] Hanar Plush Tutorial by ~ritzyfox

Love Mass Effect? Feel like getting your arts and crafts on? If you answered 'Yes' to both questions, than you may be interested in this tutorial w/ pattern for creating your own Hanar plush toy.


PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PATTERN/TUTORIAL FOR PROFIT. This is a free tutorial and is not intended to be used so one can make a profit off of it. Blasto wi...

Nexus Modding Contest

The Nexus network of game mod download sites is holding a competition to celebrate the relatively imminent achievement of their goal of having a whopping 2.5 million users. They're calling all mod savvy fans from any of their network sites - Dragon Age Nexus being the one of interest for us here - to create a mod with the theme "the community we are in," in other words, something that reflects the modding community. Prizes include a $300 voucher (or gift card) to your favorite internet retailer of choice. The current estimate is that you have about a month to finish your creation. The contest closes 10 days after Nexus gets its 2.5 millionth member, which is still a little ways off.

[Wall Post] Dragon Age: Tallis Art and Costume Contest

BioWare just released the texture artwork for Tallis' costume in the hopes that cosplayers and fan artists can use this resource for their projects. Anyone who shows up to BioWare's Dragon Age panel on October 15th at NY Comic Con with a completed Tallis costume will receive a prize for their efforts. Also, those who can tweet their fan art and/or photos to @dragonage with the hashtags #dragonage and #fanart will have an additional chance to win something. Deadline for Twitter submissions is November 1. Read More

[Wall Post] Fanart Contest is asking you to submit fanart depicting your femShep at her best in a combat situation. The winner will receive a Mass Effect long service medal and t-shirt featuring the winning entry. Runner ups have the chance to win either a commissioned art piece or a $10 BioWare Store gift certificate.

Source: is proud to present, The Art of Courage, a femshep fanart contest. The theme is simple; depict your femShep at her best in a combat situation. (femshep MUST be in the piece, but it can include other squadmates from either game). Keep it tasteful. As this is a contest, there will be priz...