A Legends T-Shirt…

It's all about the signage. In an odd twist of shwag brainstorming, the Bioware store has come out with a Dragon Age Legends logo mens t-shirt, in case you wanted to squee over their facebook game tie-in... On the Mass Effect end, you'll find a couple of new Mass Effect 2 mens t-shirts, featuring logos for the Blue Suns and Eclipse mercenary factions. Since they only happen to be your enemies in the game (Zaeed withstanding), I assume that wearing one of these shirts would be be akin wearing a string of their ears as a trophy, except less gory.

Legends Data Wipe on February 6th

An announcement from Ryanth at Bioware: "We will be performing a data wipe on all current Dragon Age [Legends] Beta players on Sunday, [February] 6th, 2011. We have been hard at work adding new content to the early stages of the game that we want players to start testing." I hope you weren't getting too attached to your character... More info about how this affects your Crowns (paid currency) after the break. Read More