March to the Mask

BioWare is asking fans to vote for Mass Effect 3's N7 mask design in the March to the Mask Facebook challenge, a promotional event for upcoming 3rd person shooter Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. For winning the vote-off, they'll receive a VIP kit, whose goodies they'll pass along to us (presumably in a future giveaway). All you have to do is visit the Facebook post and leave the comment "B."

Dragon Age Legends: Get Medieval Update

Dragon Age Legends, the Facebook game, was patched last night with a slew of new features and balance tweaks. Notably, if you log in anytime from March 23 to March 29, you can claim a free item, the Medieval PlumbBob, in celebration of the release of The Sims: Medieval. Other changes include the addition of Crowns to a few quest rewards, the ability to respec your character (costs 1,000 gold), and ability tweaks. Read More

Another Legends Beta Key Giveaway

Gamespot has scored a bunch of Dragon Age: Legends beta keys to give away. All you need to do is go here and sign up for membership (free) at their website. This giveaway will last until March 7, 2011 or when all beta keys have been claimed. Getting access to the beta is one possible way to participate in the DA:Legends Head Start when it begins (coinciding with Dragon Age 2's release).

[Wall Post] Dragon Age Legends gets a scratch-and-win feature…

Really commander? A scratch and win game feature in an online rpg... I'm not exactly sure how this fits in with the whole RPG experience, but it does seem like EA2D is scrambling to attract/retain players by giving away loot. Free loot!


If you log into Dragon Age Legends today, you'll see our newest feature: the Daily Bonus Game. This scratcher-style game rewards players for logging in on successive days, giving you the chance to win items, unique gear, and up to 25,000 crowns!

Legends Data Wipe (Again) on February 23

Ryanth over at Bioware posted up another notice about an upcoming data wipe for Dragon Age Legends closed beta: "We will be performing a data wipe on all current Dragon Age Beta players on Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011. We have been hard at work adding new content to the early stages of the game that we want players to start testing." Furthermore, the @dragonage twitter indicates that launch should indeed be in March. Does this mean that Legends will go live with the release of Dragon Age 2?

BiowareFans spams up Facebook

As penning news blurbs can get time consuming and unwieldy in blog format and has shifted our focus from covering our projects and writing articles and guides, we've decided to shift news blurb updates to Facebook, delivering more of the Bioware gaming related stuff we sift through each day faster and more thoroughly. Larger things will still probably get a treatment from us, especially if it isn't collated nicely into a link. We could use your support: Help us out by Liking BiowareFans on Facebook so that they'll let us register a short URL among other features restricted from new fan pages >.<

Dura’s Blue Flame Unlocked

Dura's Blue Flame, the last of the Dragon Age: Legends unlockables for Dragon Age 2, has been unlocked to commemorate developer Ryanth's birthday and meeting the goal of 100,000 Facebook likes. To claim your free amulet for Dragon Age 2, simply log into Dragon Age: Legends on Facebook and you'll receive a message about the unlock. The amulet's stats are: +23 Attack, +10% Fire Damage, +10% Cold Damage.