Reddit AMA with Stephen Reid

SWTOR Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid will be participating in an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Reddit online event this Wednesday, December 28th at 2pm CST. Presumably, you'll want to deluge him with questions about Star Wars: The Old Republic. Instructions on how this event will be conducted is available in the announcement post on Reddit. The event is listed on our calendar events sidebar, starting time translated to EST. (I've had the event listed in the calendar on our sidebar for a few days, but forgot to post about it.)

Live Twitter Chat with Mac Walters

Mass Effect writer Mac Walters will be participating in a live Twitter chat event with Dark Horse Comics on December 20th at 11am PST. Anyone can watch or join in by using the #MEComicsChat hashtag. Although it is overtly a promotional event for the release of the latest issue of Mass Effect: Invasion, questions about the games seems to be allowed as well (he is the lead writer on the 2nd and 3rd games as well, after all). As an incentive for participating, Dark Horse is giving away 10 digital copies of the new Mass Effect: Invasion #3 issue! I've added the chat event to the calendar listing on the sidebar, although I converted the starting time to EST.

SWTOR NYCC Meet-Up Should Bring the Oontz-Oontz.

If you're in the New York area, and can't make it to next weekend's Comic-Con, then you still have a chance to take TOR for the spin while enjoying an open bar and hanging out with some of the Bioware Austin team, as they'll be hosting a community meet-up next Wednesday. Just, you know, if you shoot first, leave a little something for the mess. Read More