[Wall Post] E3 2011: Mass Effect 3 hands-on

PC Gamer talks about playing Mass Effect 3 at E3.

Source: www.pcgamer.com

If you listened to yesterday’s E3 podcast, you already know what made my day: getting to play through the Mass Effect 3 demo behind closed doors (something I routinely taunted my fellow editors with until they stopped talking with me). The first thing that struck me is that ME3 is gritty. I’m playin...

[Wall Post] E3 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic – Exclusive Details on Raiding, Tatooine, Mounts and More

Gamespot has some exclusive details in their interview with the SWTOR team about what they will be revealing at E3.

Source: e3.gamespot.com

At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, more details will be revealed than any other previous year. We sat down with writing director Daniel Erickson, lead flashpoint/raids/player-versus-player designer Gabe Amantangelo, and lead systems designer Damion Schubert to discuss what's planned for E...

[Wall Post] EA at E3 2011 – PRESS CONFERENCE

For those who can't tune in to Spike TV for the E3 Press Conference tomorrow June 6th at 12:30PM PT / 3:30PM ET, it will also be broadcast live on EA's website.

Source: live-event.ea.com

Watch as Electronic Arts talks about the hottest games of 2011 and beyond. With heavy-hitters like Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12 and so many more, there's something for everyone.