Dragon Age 2 DRM Revision

Once in a blue moon, fan wishes actually prompt results. It looks like Bioware and EA finally hammered out a DRM compromise that will favor the players. Chris Priestly posted up a new notice about the DRM that will be included with Dragon Age 2. Noticeably, the periodic login requirement is absent. Instead, you will only have to log into your Bioware account once per installation to activate the game, but if you choose to log into your Bioware account in-game (e.g. to upload achievements to your profile and such), only up to 5 installations can do so in a 24-hr window. Read More

Dragon Age 2 DRM Divulged

Chris Priestly of Bioware recently posted a clarification on what kind of digital rights management scheme you can expect to find in Dragon Age 2. In summary, release control, 5 pcs max every 24 hrs, no disc check, offline capable with online login check after some number of days. Details after the break. Read More