Dragon Age: Redemption hits iTunes on December 15

Those of you who were bothered by the massive Machinima.com watermark on the free Youtube version of Felicia Day's Dragon Age webseries may soon be able to rejoice (while your wallet weeps). iTunes will be offering the entire Dragon Age: Redemption web series for download next week on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 in its Movies section. The cost is not listed on the webpage, but within the iTunes app, you'll see a price tag of $9.99 for pre-ordering. That's a bit steep for 50-minutes of viewing pleasure, but I guess you could say that watching Felicia Day be a badass elvhen assassin on your Apple TV is priceless? Read More

[Wall Post] Behind the Scenes of Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 2

Greg Aronowitz discusses the details, planning, and development of the scenes of Dragon Age: Redemption episode 2, including the phylactery, costumes, bows, and set pieces.

Source: barnyardfx.blogspot.com

I hope you enjoyed my companion blogs for the first episode! I imagine that you have come for more, if you did. If you haven't seen the art department behind-the-scenes about the Chantry, Qunari, and the Tallis costume, click here! The path will bring you back to this entry eventually...

The world ...

Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 5 – “Mercenaries”

It's Tuesday, which means a new episode of Dragon Age: Redemption. We're on the final stretch, with just one more episode to go next week. See why Felicia Day says episode 5 is one of her favorites after the break. If you want to catch up with the previous four episodes, she created a Youtube playlist which includes both the episodes and her commentaries about them. Read More

[Wall Post] Behind the scenes of Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 3

Greg Aronowitz blogs about Dragon Age: Redemption set and prop construction, weaponry from the Dragon Age games brought to life, reaver Nyree, Saarebas' ritual, Josmael's maiden friend Fina, and the mask of Fen'Harel.

Source: barnyardfx.blogspot.com

Hey, welcome back to the BarnYard! An acre of land tucked away in the middle of Hollywood, where bulldogs roam free & imaginations come to life through the magic of special effects. We’ve created this blog so we can share our day-to-day creative chaos with you in a more real-time situation that our ...

[Wall Post] Behind the Scenes of Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 2 (Part 2)

Greg Aronowitz blogs some more about the construction of the Dalish camp seen in Dragon Age: Redemption - Episode 2.

Source: barnyardfx.blogspot.com

Photo 1: Felicia Day called the wide reveal of the Dalish Camp her favorite shot of the whole series, and I have to agree. The designs BioWare created for the game were so refreshing and unique, and despite their resistance to the laws of physics, I think our reproductions in reality ended up being ...

NYCC ’11 – It’s Panel Time!

New York Comic Con has left me with an increasingly sore throat, as well as puppy-level-enthusiasm for what's on the horizon from Bioware. We weren't able to attend all the panels, but for our benefit, and yours, we found videos from most of the presentations that touched on Bioware worlds and products and put them in one handy page for you after the break. Read More