Roguecraft: Origins Dual Weapon Rogue Guide

After having played a dual wield rogue through in Dragon Age: Origins, studying up on the subject matter, and reading lots of community posts, I realized that there is a lack of detail-oriented class guides that put all those bits and pieces of information together. So, I finally got around to jotting down something about melee rogues that offers something for both power gamers and casual players. Read More

Community Contest: Modules

The latest Bioware Social Network Community Contest challenges you to create a short playable module using the Dragon Age Toolset. The module must be compatible with the Contest 7 Framework and must include content from at least three contests in the Community Contest Catalogue. They're adding on a "jobs board"-esque framework, so try and think of short modules which might make sense from that starting point. Deadline is Monday, March 28, midday GMT+0. The prize point system is explained on the contest page.