Ray Muzyka teases about Dragon Age 3 some more

In a recent Wired article, BioWare bigwig Ray Muzyka mentions that Dragon Age 3 may be drawing some inspiration from the open world nature of another dragon-filled smash-hit RPG: Skyrim. As expected, most details are hush hush for now, and there was no peep about the playable dragon multiplayer rumor, but Mike Laidlaw was able to add that, "Follower armor is confirmed, though how that works exactly is for later."

[Wall Post] Surprise! Dragon Age Getting Multiplayer?

Kotaku is reporting that an anonymous "Insider" source claims that Dragon Age will be getting multiplayer in a future installment, and will be using DICE's Frostbite 2 engine. What are your thoughts on this?

Source: kotaku.com

That's right, Dragon Age is going multiplayer. The role-playing franchise is, according to an insider, going beyond singleplayer for the first time, and warriors won't simply face off against each other in combat.

Dragon Age 3 will feature a new protagonist

Mike Laidlaw recently revealed that neither The Warden from Dragon Age: Origins nor Hawke from Dragon Age 2 will be the player character for Dragon Age 3. It seems like BioWare is trying to keep the Dragon Age franchise focused telling multiple stories set in the world and lore and less about the development of individual characters in it. Read More