Could Bioware Games Be Returning To Steam?

According to an anonymous report received over at BF3Blog, a fan site for DICE's upcoming military shooter, EA and Valve are nearing a final agreement on DLC sales for Battlefield 3 - which would allow the highly anticipated title to be sold on the Steam platform in time for its 10/25 release. Now, take an anonymous tip on a fansite for what it's worth, but this could be big news for those of you who enjoy both the ubiquitous digital storefront and Bioware's most recent games. Read More

A “Dragon Age” Friday at GamersGate

Today only, as a part of their EA Week sale (US only), GamersGate is offering Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (PC or Mac) for 60% off ($12), and Dragon Age 2 (PC or Mac) for 50% off ($15). This is a new price low for the Dragon Age 2 (Mac). We briefly saw Dragon Age 2 (PC) for $9 as part of a bundle with DA:O at Impulse not too long ago, but that offer is unlikely to resurface anytime soon. Either way, the game value is pretty nice for the price.

Dragon Age Wiki: Orlesian Murder Mystery Contest and Giveaway

Dragon Age Wiki is sponsoring a short story and fan art contest, as well as a giveaway for 1600 MS/XBox points, the equivalent in Playstation points, or the Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC itself for PC/Mac players. There will be 5 winners selected: 2 in the short story category, 2 in the fan art category, and 1 as a randomly selected Dragon Age wikia member who opts in for the giveaway. You have until October 8, 2011 to enter any or all three categories. Read More

[Wall Post] Felicia Day Steals The Show in Dragon Age II’s Mark Of The Assassin

Kotaku is treated to a Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC demonstration conducted by none other than Felicia Day herself.


Last week I headed into downtown San Francisco to check out the new content. Lucky me, my demo session was guided by none other than the star of Mark of the Assassin, writer/actor Felicia Day. When not lending her talents to big-time video game franchises, Day is better known as the creator and star...

Golden Joystick Awards: Vote and Win Stuff

The Golden Joystick Awards have recently upped their prize pool with a slew of heavyweight prizes for voting in all of their awards categories. Namely, you could win an Alienware gaming laptop, various gaming consoles, peripherals, or copies of all of the games that have been nominated. Since we are all BioWare fans here, I'll mention that Dragon Age 2 is nominated in the RPG category, and Mass Effect 3 appears in the One To Watch category.

BioWare Pulse – Episode 43

This Thursday's BioWare Pulse episode featured an 8-minute look at the Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC, with some details narrated by Mike Laidlaw. Although the DLC doesn't actually take place in Orlais - the DLC takes place at the edges of the Vimmark Mountains - the architecture is Orlesian in style. He also confirms that a certain party member will have some interesting tie-ins to this caper story. Video after the break. Read More

[Wall Post] Punished Props » Dragon Age 2: Hawke

Bill Doran blogs about the construction of his Dragon Age 2's Hawke costume and staffsword prop.


This year, not only am I doing PAX, I’m also going to Dragon*Con the following week! I hear that those folks in Atlanta take their costuming pretty seriously, so I had to make sure that my costume was up to par. I chose Hawke from Dragon Age 2, because I haven’t done a fantasy costume yet, and I alr...

New Dragon Age 2 DLC Announced: Mark of the Assassin

Turns out that Felicia Day's appearance on GT.TV last night was to announce a new story-based Dragon Age 2 DLC named "Mark of the Assassin." It features an adventure involving Tallis, an elven assassin character created by Felicia for her upcoming web series Dragon Age: Redemption, so it all ties in together nicely. We've scrounged up the GT-world-exclusive trailer and the video of the GT.TV segment with Felicia Day after the break. Read More

[Wall Post] 50% off Dragon Age 2 (XBox, PS3) at currently has Dragon Age 2 (XBox and PS3 versions) for $20, which is a new price low for this title on these gaming platforms.


Experience the epic sequel to the 2009 Game of the Year from the critically acclaimed makers of Dragon Age: Origins. You are one of the few who escaped the destruction of your home. Now, forced to fight for survival in an ever-changing world, you must gather the deadliest of allies, amass fame an...