Dragon Age 2 for free [After Rebate] (2/26-3/1)

Newegg (U.S. only) is running a new 50% off sale on a bunch of PC games, including Dragon Age 2, but to sweeten the pot, they're also running a $10 mail-in rebate promotion that qualifies on these sale items, making them free after rebate. This is the physical boxed version of Dragon Age 2 (with free shipping), and the rebate will come in the form of a $10 prepaid Visa credit card after 8-10 weeks. Read More

Pre-Black-Friday Deals on Origin: Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2

Origin is currently offering both Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition pc digital downloads for $10 each. Combine that with the Origin offer for $10 of credit towards a December purchase for an excellent deal value. Considering that no digital download store can resist running a holiday-themed sale event in December, you may ultimately be able to snag 2 or more major titles for that initial $10 investment. Read More

[Wall Post] Origin Insider Deals – 60% off Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Origins (pc digital download) will briefly be 60% off with promo code at Origin if Origin Insider Deals gets 800 likes on their deal post by 6:30 pm PT. Update: The Facebook goal has been reached, so expect a promo code at around 6:30pm PT. Details on how Origin Insider Deal discounts work after the break. Read More

Origin “Dual-Play” for Dragon Age 2

Origin has just debuted its Mac OS client, and it includes the "dual-play" feature for select titles in its library. Dual-play titles include both Mac and Win versions of the game, so if you buy either the Mac or Win version, you get both versions. I installed the client on my macbook just to see which of my BioWare game purchases are supported. Read More

SageQueen’s Fenris Friendship Guide – Scoring The Elf While Protecting Mages

There's something compelling about Fenris' character. Broody, vindictive, and yet still capable of a disarming laugh. He's a compelling choice for developing a relationship around - and one of the more interesting characters to romance in the game. One big problem though - he hates mages. Netting a friendship with Fenris while playing a pro-mage playthrough may seem a hopeless cause. However, SageQueen has put together another excellent guide to show how you can gain the Elf's friendship while championing the oppressed magic users. Read More

[Wall Post] New Dragon Age 2 DLC Rewards

New downloadable items for Dragon Age 2 today. If you've downloaded and scored an achievement on Exiled Prince, Legacy, and Mark of the Assassin, then go to this page to get the High Lord's Belt and Pendant of the Morning Frost.

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60% off Dragon Age 2 (Again) via Origin

Unfortunately, the 60% off deal on BioWare games and points at Origin ended along with the weekend, but it's not too late to nab a copy of Dragon Age 2 for 60% off ($8). Origin is offering another promo code, but this time it is specifically for Dragon Age 2 (pc digital download) only. Read More