Dragon Age 2 Legacy party banter collection

Surfing Reddit, I found an excellent fan compilation by girlswlowselfesteem of party banter used in the Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC. If you're curious about what you may have missed in your playthrough(s), give it a look see. Upon further investigation, I also found illustrative videos featuring the same thing on Youtube, for those who like audio accompaniment, and DanaDuchy has collected those for you. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC release times

Fernando Melo dropped by the BSN forums to clarify when Dragon Age 2: Legacy will go on sale today on Tuesday, July 26. For the PC/Mac version, Legacy will go on sale 10am MST. XBox and PS3 versions depend on the when their respective online stores get updated.

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[Wall Post] Dragon Age II ‘Legacy’ DLC detailed by achievements

Achievements for Dragon Age 2's upcoming DLC "Legacy" have been leaked at Xbox360Achievements.org, indicating that this new content will take place in the Vimmark Mountains (and possibly the Deep Roads below them).

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New DLC for Dragon Age II is supposed to be announced during Comic Con, according to the game's Twitter account. However, the achievements for the upcoming Legacy DLC have already been listed on ...

[Wall Post] Dragon Age wiki “Legends”/Points giveaway

Dragon Age Wiki is sponsoring a Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC giveaway! Five winners will receive Legacy and 1600 Microsoft Points or the equivalent for the Playstation store. You'll need to sign up for a wikia account and tell them why your Hawke deserves to go to the Vimmark Mountains.

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Sick of being stuck in Kirkwall? Want to enjoy a day without being asked for help from random people? Now is your chance to spend your summer in Vimmark Mountains, sponsored by the Kirkwall Dwarven Merchant Guild!

As this is the current trendy location for a small getaway, tickets are only available...

Dragon Age 2: Legacy Impressions

Well, Legacy has hit the markets (save for the Europe PSN Store) and I've had a chance to play through Hawke's latest adventure. Has it improved where the main campaign was lacking? Or is this another story of dashed hopes and blighted tears? Check below the break for my impressions. Read More

[Wall Post] BioWare brings Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II DLC to San Diego Comic Con

New Dragon Age 2 DLC, entitled 'Legacy,' has been announced as a part of BioWare's demo plans for San Diego Comic Con. Even if you don't have a badge for Comic Con, you can attend this hands-on demo event for Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2: Legacy if you're planning on being in San Diego at that time.

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BioWare is once again returning to the San Diego Comic Con and this year, we are bringing Mass Effect 3 and a never before seen, Dragon Age II DLC with us. Comic Con begins Thursday July 21 and runs through Sunday July 24 and we will have all sorts of awesome BioWare coolness at our base in the Hil...

First Look at Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC

At today's EA Showcase, which was streamed live courtesy of Gamespot and Livestream, Fernando Melo presented us with a first look at Dragon Age 2's upcoming story-based DLC entitled "Legacy." The presentation with gameplay footage, trailer, screencaps, screenshots, and important points are collected and summarized after the break. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age II Legacy DLC Now Available

After some technical difficulties, Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC is finally out for the pc/mac, xbox and ps3. (PS3 version in the EU will be rolled out when the PSN store updates tomorrow)

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Sharpen your sword and step into the boots of a hero because today marks the release of Dragon Age II Legacy, the new downloadable content that brings a fresh storyline into the Dragon Age II universe.

[Wall Post] Summer Showcase Live Stream – EA Games

Tomorrow, July 7, at 1pm PST Gamespot will be covering the EA Stage presentation from the EA 2011 Showcase event. During this live broadcast, you will have your first opportunity to get a look at Dragon Age II's next DLC Legacy. (via BioWare)

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Watch as EA premieres its future games line-up live from EA’s Headquarters in Redwood Shores, California with brand new game announcements and presentations.