[Wall Post] Mass Effect 3 Demo Release Date and Information

If you didn't already know, the Mass Effect 3 demo release date has been revealed to be in a few weeks...more specifically, on February 14, 2012. How will you be spending your Valentine's Day?

Source: social.bioware.com

Today we are very pleased to announce the release date for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 Single Player and Multiplayer demo. Please check out the FAQ below for details on when it will be available and information you need to know.

Dragon Age 2 Demo on February 23?

Kotaku reports that the Dragon Age 2 demo for the PC is slated to be released on February 23rd. Their source is an internal email sent to GameStop employees. Furthermore, if you happen to be a GameStop employee, you will get early access to the demo starting on February 11, to help you bone up on the game and become a font of information for customers.

So, I played the shit out of the demo…

At first, Danny and I just set out to write a quick demo first impressions collaborative article, but we realized pretty quickly how lame it is to read sugar-coated generalities. So, we ended up packing this thing full of details, screenshots, information, tips and impressions garnered from actually playing through the demo more than dozen times...until the caffeine drip ran dry. Read More

Dragon Age 2 Demo Mirrors

As expected, the massive crush of Dragon Age 2 demo downloads have slowed the official server(s) to a crawl and caused the not so occasional premature file download interruption. If you are having a tough time getting the PC demo, a number of mirrors are now available, list after the break. Read More

Dragon Age 2 Press Demo Gameplay Videos (Updated)

Recently, Youtube user giZm posted up ~15 minute segments of Dragon Age 2 press demo gameplay in 5 parts. It is important to note that this press demo is not the same version of the demo that everyone will get a chance to try on February 22nd, and a number of changes were made since that press demo. However, if you've got an insatiable hankering for Dragon Age 2 media, spoil yourself silly after the break. Read More