Darth Hater Closing Scare

The future of Curse-Gaming-owned SWTOR fansite Darth Hater seemed dire for the first half of this month after their usually frequent updates halted altogether for two weeks after the New Year. Inquiries to a couple of prominent individuals on the Darth Hater staff were met with vague replies that they were no longer working on Darth Hater and had moved onto other things. As the site stagnated further, speculation that Curse Gaming had fired the entire Darth Hater staff grew like mold. Read More

Community Contest: Modules

The latest Bioware Social Network Community Contest challenges you to create a short playable module using the Dragon Age Toolset. The module must be compatible with the Contest 7 Framework and must include content from at least three contests in the Community Contest Catalogue. They're adding on a "jobs board"-esque framework, so try and think of short modules which might make sense from that starting point. Deadline is Monday, March 28, midday GMT+0. The prize point system is explained on the contest page.

Bioware Fan Club Challenge: Side Quests

The Bioware Fan Club on Deviant Art is challenging artists and writers to draw or write a piece focusing on a Bioware game side quest and the characters in it. "Any optional, non-primary quest line from a BioWare game is acceptable for this challenge. So, in other words, if you can beat the game/primary quest line without completing this quest, it's eligible to submit." Anyone can join the club, and there are yet-unannounced prizes to be awarded to the winners of this challenge. The deadline for entries is Sunday, March 13, 11:59pm PST.