Flash Sale – Get Mass Effect Digital Comics for Cheap, Free Blasto!

Dark Horse Comics is currently holding a flash sale in its digital store, featuring the comic entries in the Mass Effect catalog. Single issues are going for $.99, while the bundles are going for at least half off (the Homeworlds bundle in particular is a great deal). You can also get The Art of the Mass Effect Universe in digital format on sale as well.

Furthermore, the one-off Blasto: Eternity is Forever issue is free for any digital store account-holder. Of course, while absolutely not necessarily canon, it's still a entertaining read.

Dragon Age: Until We Sleep #1 Preview

Newsarama scored an exclusive six page preview of the upcoming Dragon Age: Until We Sleep three-issue comic book arc. The tale is penned by the prolific David Gaider, lead writer for the Dragon Age games.

Source: www.newsarama.com

Allied with the world’s most feared warrior race—the qunari—the pirate Isabela, and the rogue Varric, King Alistair brings battle royale to the evil mage responsible for his father’s disappearance!

[Wall Post] Mass Effect Homeworlds #1 Preview

Dark Horse Comics has released a 6-page preview of the upcoming Mass Effect: Homeworlds comic issue #1, which focuses on a story about Mass Effect 3's James Vega.

Source: digital.darkhorse.com

The Dark Horse digital store presents an exclusive six-page preview of Mass Effect: Homeworlds, a new series of single-issue stories featuring heroes and adventures essential to the story of Mass Effect 3, BioWare’s latest blockbuster! Each issue will star one of the main characters of Mass Effect 3...

[Wall Post] Dark Horse Twitter Contest: Round 68

Dark Horse is giving away a copy of Mass Effect: Invasion #1 and Orchid #1 to two randomly selected winners who tweet a message asking their friends to follow @DarkHorseComics. Include both @DarkHorseComics and #FollowFriday in your message to enter. It looks like you will be receiving physical copies of the comics if you win, so be prepared to provide your shipping address. Contest ends at 5pm PT today.

Source: www.darkhorse.com

Every Friday on Twitter we have a contest for our fabulous fans!

This week, Two (2) lucky winners have the chance to win a copy of Mass Effect: Invasion #1 & Orchid

Review – Mass Effect: Invasion Issue 1

This week's New Comics Day features the premiere issue for Mac Walters' upcoming comic series, Mass Effect: Invasion - featuring Underworld Queen Aria T'Loak responding to an incoming threat from the Cerberus research facilities beyond the Omega-4 Relay. Thanks to the folks at Dark Horse's New York Comic Con booth this past weekend, we managed to get our hands on Issue 1 a few days early. Should you include this book in your next Wednesday bag? Read More

Mass Effect: Homeworlds Preview in the Dark Horse Megabundle

In Dark Horse's newly released Mass Effect digital comic and artbook "MegaBundle" (currently 50% off), there is an exclusive preview of the next Mass Effect comic series, Mass Effect: Homeworlds, written by Mac Walters. Each issue in the Homeworlds series will feature one of the main characters of Mass Effect 3. The first issue will highlight James Vega (coming April 25), as seen in the Anthony Palumbo cover, and the second issue will feature Tali'Zorah (coming May 30). Unlike the exclusively-digital Dragon Age comic series, this series will be published in both physical and digital form. Read More

[Wall Post] Mac Walters Talks Mass Effect Comics

Save Game interviewed Mass Effect writer Mac Walters about the Mass Effect: Invasion comics and future Mass Effect endeavors. He was predictably tight lipped about the latter, but he did express an unofficial interest in following up Aria T'Loak's story in DLC format, similar to how Mass Effect 2's Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC followed up Liara T'Soni's storyline from the Mass Effect: Redemption comics.

Source: www.savegameonline.com

New York Comic Con was a crazy time and I was lucky enough to get to interview, Mac Walters, Lead Writer on the Mass Effect series and author of the awesome Mass Effect comics from Dark Horse. A brand new issue is hitting stands tomorrow, October 19th and Mac was nice enough to talk to me about it ...

Live Twitter Chat with Mac Walters

Mass Effect writer Mac Walters will be participating in a live Twitter chat event with Dark Horse Comics on December 20th at 11am PST. Anyone can watch or join in by using the #MEComicsChat hashtag. Although it is overtly a promotional event for the release of the latest issue of Mass Effect: Invasion, questions about the games seems to be allowed as well (he is the lead writer on the 2nd and 3rd games as well, after all). As an incentive for participating, Dark Horse is giving away 10 digital copies of the new Mass Effect: Invasion #3 issue! I've added the chat event to the calendar listing on the sidebar, although I converted the starting time to EST.