BioWare Pulse – Episode 43

This Thursday's BioWare Pulse episode featured an 8-minute look at the Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC, with some details narrated by Mike Laidlaw. Although the DLC doesn't actually take place in Orlais - the DLC takes place at the edges of the Vimmark Mountains - the architecture is Orlesian in style. He also confirms that a certain party member will have some interesting tie-ins to this caper story. Video after the break. Read More

BioWare Pulse episode 41 features Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin

Looks like today's BioWare Pulse episode is the non-Felicia-Day version of the introduction of the new Dragon Age 2 DLC: Mark of the Assassin. If you've seen Felica Day's appearance on GT.TV, you'll get to see the same feature footage here, sans Felicia Day's narration. It's ok, we still love you, BioWare hosts who aren't David Silverman! Don't forget that at 1pm PT today, Dragon Age 2 creative director Mike Laidlaw will be answering your Dragon Age questions live on BioWare TV! If you want to ask him something for the Q&A session, tweet it now to @dragonage with the hashtag #dragonage (i.e. include the terms @dragonage and #dragonage in the text of your twitter message). Read More

Bioware Pulse – Episode 44

The latest episode of Bioware Pulse has landed today. Join us after the break as Felicia Day talks about her love of Bioware and the motion capture process involved in bringing the Elven assassin Tallis into Dragon Age 2 Read More