Arrival has…arrived

The final piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC has arrived, and reactions seem to be mixed. Although it may be an expertly crafted piece of mission melodrama, there are complaints of shortness; 1-hour playthroughs don't really give you much bang for your buck. There are already multiple full walkthrough videos of Arrival appearing on Youtube, clocking in at around 1.5 hours, cutscenes and all. We may have to chalk this one up to quality over quantity. Check out the trailer and the buzz after the break. Read More

Results of the Mass Effect 2 Live Chat (March 24, 2011)

Due to technical difficulties, the chat was cut short, about 20 minutes into broadcasting. Mass Effect Lead Writer Mac Walters explained the plot of the upcoming Arrival DLC, teased about the upcoming third Mass Effect comic story arc, and answered some questions about being a writer for Electronic Arts. Video of the chat and list of questions asked after the break. Read More

Arrival DLC Gets A Release Date

Along with releasing three new screenshots, Bioware has set a date for the release of the last Mass Effect 2 downloadable content, which will introduce a story that bridges the events of Mass Effect 2 with the upcoming Mass Effect 3: March 29, 2011... In just 11 days! Read More