Origins Dual Weapon Rogue Guide

4. Party Synergies

TODO: Finish this section! What can the members of your party bring to the table?


  • Haste (sustained party-wide aura buff)
    • increases run speed by 30%
    • increases melee attack speed by 25%
    • increases ranged aim speed by 20%
    • decreases attack rating by 5
    • caster suffers -3 mana regeneration penalty in combat

    Haste stacks with Momentum, increasing your attack speed by 55%, however, there is a bug where increasing attack speed by over 50% will actually decrease your attack speed instead. Ranged aim speed increase stacked with Shale's Rock Mastery suffers from a very similar problem. For pc users, there is a mod that fixes this.

  • Heroic Offense (20 second duration, friendly target buff)
    The caster enhances an ally's aptitude in battle, granting 10 + (caster's spellpower / 10) bonus to attack.
  • Weapon Buffs (mutually exclusive with each other)
    • Telekinetic Weapons (see the Armor Penetration section)
    • Frost Weapons
    • Flaming Weapons
  • Target Debuffs
    • Misdirection
    • Death Hex
  • Utility
    • Dispel Magic
      Dispels all removable buffs and debuffs from the target. A very useful save, in case you get hit by Misdirection, Frozen, Paralyzed, immobilized in Crushing Prison, become unhealable due to Curse of Mortality, and any variety of deadly magical combos.

Shale's Buffs:

  • Stone Aura with Supernatural Resilience

Warrior Buffs and Debuffs:

  • Rally

Rogue Buffs:

  • Mark of Death
  • Song of Courage (stackable)

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