Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder

Game Version: 1.03
Tool Version: alpha 9
Select a class from the the dropdown menu.

Starting Abilities

Each class and companion begins the game with certain pre-selected abilities. Drinking a respecialization potion will unset these abilities and refund you the ability points. But you can use the links below to load the talent builder with a class or companion's pre-selected abilities selected for you:

  • Warrior (Hawke) - Pommel Strike
  • Rogue (Hawke) - Miasmic Flask
  • Mage (Hawke) - Mind Blast
  • Anders - Winter's Grasp, Mind Blast, Heal
  • Aveline - Shield Defense
  • Bethany - Fireball
  • Carver - Pommel Strike
  • Fenris - Mighty Blow, Control, Rally
  • Isabela - Evade, Backstab, Stealth
  • Merrill - Stonefist, Spirit Bolt, Hex of Torment
  • Sebastian - Pinning Shot, Miasmic Flask, Speed
  • Tallis - Evade, Backstab, Stealth
  • Varric - Pinning Shot, Miasmic Flask, Speed


Hopefully, the user interface is mostly self explanatory, but if you're having any trouble, here are some illustrations highlighting the features available.

Version History

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  • http://twitter.com/djacouma Djacouma Legrand

    Thanks for this but all trees are already highlighted except the first branch, making it hard to see configurations.

    • http://biowarefans.com Razorfish

      Do you mean the tree menu icons on the top right corner of the tool? I will definitely add “fading tree icons” to my todo list, but if you meant something else, please clarify!

    • Djacouma
  • Komrad

    Is there a guide for attributes? In Dao I almost everything into cunning for rouges. For da2 I don’t know if that still applies