Dragon Age: Legends Gift Manager (Chrome Extension for Google+)

BSN user Haderach recently rolled out a release candidate for his Google Chrome browser extension, DAL Gift Manager. This tool was specifically developed to streamline the process of both sending and receiving gifts to and from your Google+ Dragon Age: Legends friends circle. If you keep a hefty roster to take care of the social aspect of this browser game, this tool could potentially save you from repetitive strain injury (all that clicking) while also saving you a lot of time. Read More

DAL Skill Builder update alpha 3

This update to my Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder includes the cumulative skill data changes from all of the DAL patches (0.4.17970, 0.4.18003, 0.4.18692) since the last Skill Builder update.

Additionally, it does the following:

  • handles summarizing skill upgrades that confer more than one type of bonus per upgrade
  • fixes the javascript code for Firefox 7
  • displays the mana cost of all activated skills
  • displays the stats of Mage summons as text instead of images (for future fiddling)
  • changes the behavior of tooltips so that they remain visible after moving the mouse off of the ability button, but hide when switching trees or classes

Dragon Age Save Generator

Miffed that you didn't have enough free time to painstakingly create the perfect saved game in Dragon Age: Origins to import into Dragon Age 2? Lost your saves in a catastrophic turn of events? Curious about which decisions in the first game influence the game world in the second? Gibbed has come up with a way to solve these problems with a tool that allows you to choose definitively what settings you would like to import into Dragon Age 2. Read More

Star Wars: The Old Republic Talent Calculator(s)

It looks like you can start planning out your SWTOR character builds already even if you haven't gotten into beta yet! Mum is not the word, because SWTOR closed beta has been as leaky as a sieve. Two polished talent calculator prototypes have recently surfaced on the web, and the talent data seems to match the information, videos and screenshots leaked from latest beta build. Non-disclosure agreement...what's that? Read More

Talent Builder Update

I've updated the Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder to alpha 4, which adds the full specialization trees for all classes. I also snuck in the addition of the rogue trees a couple of days ago too, if you were keeping watch ;-) If the new resources don't show up for you, refresh the page a few times to clear your browser cache.