And then there was another paywall…

Imagine my excitement when I saw the announcement for the SWTOR Public Test Server Patch 2.0 release (Rise of the Hutt Cartel preview). Imagine my disappointment when I found out - after dealing with the usual launcher issues, downloading 20GB of PTS client data, and having one of my characters copied over to the PTS - that F2P players are ineligible to log into the "open" PTS server. I guess F2P players not being allowed to post in any of the official forums, including the PTS forum, should've been my first clue. Current guestimates peg the expansion/2.0 launch window anywhere between 5-8 weeks from now.

Stuff Bubbling in the Cauldron…

A mish mash of info about what I'm working on for the site and what's going on (that I know about) in the BioWare player stratosphere currently, while we play catch up. Read More

Upcoming BioWare Pulse Episode to feature Mass Effect 3 Vanguard

Corey Gaspur, lead combat designer for the Mass Effect series, recently mentioned that he and Eric Fagnan, a ME3 gameplay designer, finished filming an interview for an upcoming BioWare Pulse episode. "...good details on core gameplay including a new weapon, new powers and Vanguard details," he tweeted. BioWare Pulse posts new episodes on Livestream every Thursday, so this one might be coming up as soon as this week.

Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin Jigsaw Puzzle Scavenger Hunt Solutions

Although I didn't even enter, I decided to put together the solutions for the MotA Jigsaw Puzzle Scavenger Hunt. I saw a bit of a "mini-scandal" with submissions, since some people simply reposted the already-assembled images they found elsewhere. I'll assume that BioWare knew how to weed those out. Regardless, this goes to show how bad a medium for contest submissions Twitter can be :p Let's just say that the first 20 non-disqualified people to submit correct entries for both images won something.

And it's not quite over yet! You still have until November 1 to submit fan art or cosplay pics to the Tallis Art Contest via Twitter. And don't forget that showing up to the Dragon Age panel at NY Comic Con this Saturday in a completed Tallis costume will also net you a prize.

What are these mysterious prizes, you ask? According to @dragonage, "prizes include autographed @feliciaday photos, @Astrogaming headsets, and Bioware Store apparel! Art includes illustration, cosplay, writing, sculpture, plushies, anything your imagination can think of!"

News Overload Today

Whew, there's a lot happening today, and I've bombarded the blog with posts about everything. There's still the Dragon Age 2: Q&A coming up in about 10 minutes with the ever so eloquently speed-talking, verbose Mike Laidlaw. Presumably it is for touching base with fans about the newly announced Dragon Age 2 DLC "Mark of the Assassin."

I still need to update both the Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder and the Dragon Age 2 Talent Builder with data from their latest respective game builds, and participate in transcribing the Q&A. A full plate, indeed.

Meanwhile, Danny is getting a double dose of Wrath of Heroes gaming in. It would make me jealous, but the Wrath of Heroes team is embarrassing people today by posting the names of the players with the lowest wins and kills. Ouch.

DAL Skill Builder update alpha 2b

I just updated the Dragon Age: Legends Skill Builder to the latest DAL build (0.4.17783) that was rolled out yesterday. Mostly just tweaking the skill description text. I will get around to incorporating the interface options that are links at the bottom of the page later, just not a high priority at the moment as I tackle other projects for this site.

Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder version alpha 2b (September 9, 2011)

Updated to the latest DAL build (0.4.17783). The skill changes were:

  • Mage:
    • Stinging Swarm now targets a row of enemies instead of just one enemy.
    • Weaken deals minor damage.
  • Rogue:
    • Mass Volley now does three rounds of minor damage (rounds 2, 3, and 4) instead of one instance of moderate damage at round 4.
    • Pinning Shot deals minor damage.
  • Warrior:
    • Shield Bash now reduces a foe's defenses.
  • The functions of Bravado (Rogue) and Focus (Warrior) has swapped; maxed out Bravado is now +280% crit, 10 turns, whereas maxed out Focus is +100% crit, 19 turns.

Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder version alpha 2a

  • Updated the Rogue's Training tree with Crossbow Mastery, which should bring the skill calculator up to date with the latest patch

Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder version alpha 2

  • Warrior skill trees implemented
  • Added damage type to offensive and enemy debilitating abilities for the purpose of resistance checks (only where noted by the in-game tooltips).

Dragon Age Legends Skill Builder version alpha 1

  • Basic functionality coded
  • Rogue skill trees implemented
  • Mage skill trees implemented