NYCC Posts Are Coming

Hey guys. Apologies for the delay in NYCC posts. We saw quite a bit of the floor and what Bioware had to offer, along with some goodies from the likes of Kotobukiya and Dark Horse. However, we're having some technical difficulties with our equipment and won't be able to share a whole lot until it gets sorted.

Zero Punctuation Reviews Dragon Age 2

I'm not inclined to mention every review published for Dragon Age 2 because, frankly, most reviews are vapid, couched in misconceptions, and lean towards some extreme viewpoint primarily to pander or be sensationalist. The Zero Punctuation review of Dragon Age 2 is predictably scathing (when is Ben Croshaw ever not scathing?) and unapologetically extreme, but now we can enjoy a viewpoint delivered in the way that only a fast-talking, foul-mouthed, cynical British man can narrate...and illustrate. Read More