Consumer Group Finds SecurROM Snuck Onto DA2

Certain sectors of the internet have been awash with criticism for Dragon Age 2. Some has been legitimate - such as recycled environments belying the game's short development cycle - while others - such as calling the plot boring after a few hours of gameplay - ... not so much. Today's revelations are going to add more fuel to the fire. Read More

Unearthed Ad Points to Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3

According to an ad unearthed by a tipster for the Collector's Edition for Mass Effect 3, the game will ship with an "online multiplayer pass." This appears to confirm the addition of a multiplayer mode for the previously single-player only series. If you need me I'll be over here flipping tables in angst. Read More

Steam and Origin – What this Means for Bioware Games

The EA/Valve rift is still going on, with no indication that any progress has been made in whatever is causing this current corporate catfight. However, with Dragon Age 2's recent removal from the Steam store, a question has arose giving exposure of the market to Bioware's releases. Read More

A Blonde Shepard Could Probably Kick Your Ass, Too

You guys likely know of the Facebook poll where Bioware is seeking popular opinion on which of 6 Femsheps will be the poster girl for Mass Effect 3's marketing materials. The blonde rendition of Femshep currently has a commanding lead of this popularity contest. However, the popularity of Blonde Shepard has kicked a figurative hornet’s nest of faux-feminism and catty comments. The discussion surrounding this choice is dragging a fantastic character down and doing a disservice to Female Shepard. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age Legends gets a scratch-and-win feature…

Really commander? A scratch and win game feature in an online rpg... I'm not exactly sure how this fits in with the whole RPG experience, but it does seem like EA2D is scrambling to attract/retain players by giving away loot. Free loot!


If you log into Dragon Age Legends today, you'll see our newest feature: the Daily Bonus Game. This scratcher-style game rewards players for logging in on successive days, giving you the chance to win items, unique gear, and up to 25,000 crowns!