Darth Hater Closing Scare

The future of Curse-Gaming-owned SWTOR fansite Darth Hater seemed dire for the first half of this month after their usually frequent updates halted altogether for two weeks after the New Year. Inquiries to a couple of prominent individuals on the Darth Hater staff were met with vague replies that they were no longer working on Darth Hater and had moved onto other things. As the site stagnated further, speculation that Curse Gaming had fired the entire Darth Hater staff grew like mold. Read More

Eternity Vault Ancient Pylons Puzzle Tool

Force Junkies has come up with a handy little web app to help your raid solve the Ancient Pylons puzzle in the Eternity Vault operation. Because spinning the wheels of the pylons cause mobs to spawn, nailing the right order to unlock the the doors to the final two encounters as efficiently as possible can be a major time saver.

SWTOR “Premium” Sweepstakes

Curse Gaming's is offering (only to their premium subscribers) some hefty sweepstakes prizes for their SWTOR giveaway: a copy of Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition, a SWTOR-branded Razer gaming headset, and a SWTOR-branded Naga Epic gaming laser mouse. This is the first time I've see the SWTOR-branded Razer peripherals being offered as prizes, but you do have to be a Curse Premium subscriber to enter the sweepstakes after all. You have until January 24, 2012, at 12:00 a.m. PDT to enter.

[Wall Post] Rakghoul Pandemic Dynamic Event Guide

Dulfy has posted up a guide for the activities related to the Rakghoul Pandemic dynamic event that premiered in SWTOR on Sunday.

Source: dulfy.net

Hey everyone, most of you are probably well informed of this event by now, but for those who are just doing it for a first time, this is a good starting place! The Rakghoul Pandemic a new dynamic event that started on April 15 on the planet of Tatooine. It involves a series of time limited quests ab...

SWTOR Dev Blog – Changeable Cooldown Animation Options On The Way

The latest blog update from the SWTOR devs addresses some of the feedback from the player community regarding the latest changes to the UI - namely the flashing that seems to turn your action bar into a nightclub when you're spamming abilities. The response from the team does show some responsiveness to community feedback, and in a couple of weeks we should be seeing new options to customize this aspect of the UI. Read More

SWTOR 1.1 – Rise of the Rakghouls Arrives This Week

This week's patch will bring the first major content update to Bioware's Space Fantasy MMO. Showing again that the Austin team is on the ball with providing content and fixes, Patch 1.1 promises new end-game content and a slew of tweaks and fixes to provide a more balanced experience. Let's chew up some PTR notes and take a look at what this update has to offer. Read More

Corellian Run Radio Razer Contest

SWTOR podcasting group Corellian Run Radio is running a contest in which they will be awarding Razer gaming peripherals to the best four SWTOR original character profiles submitted. "Create a character profile that describes the name, class, and background of your Star Wars: The Old Republic character. This can be in the form of a short story, a descriptive summary, a fill-in-the-blanks form, a picture, a comic, a journal, correspondence, a video, an audio recording, etc." See the contest page for more information about word limits and video durations. You have until January 1, 2012 at 11:59pm CST to exercise that creative muscle.

[Wall Post] SWTOR Patch 1.2 coming April 12

An official announcement has been made about the deployment of SWTOR Patch 1.2 (aka "legacy hijinks"). It's coming this Thursday! So much for the promise of way-in-advance notice. Are you prepared?

Source: www.swtor.com

Scheduled Maintenance for Game Update 1.2: April 12, 2012 General Discussion

SWTOR Time Cards Contest

OldRepublic.net is awarding a Star Wars: The Old Republic 60-day prepaid time card to the two site members who submit the most popular (community-voted), original SWTOR guides. You have until February 15th to register, submit an entry to the contest, and get upvoted. For more details, check out their contest announcement.

PSA: Framerate Issues in TOR? Installing the DirectX 9.0C Libraries Can Help

We found this tip on Reddit's TOR community first, and it's proven enough of a help for me to pass it along to you. The game's DX10/11 seems to emulate missing libraries from DX9, which can cause some slowdown issues in certain parts. By filling the gaps with DX9's files, I noticed a smoother transition in mounting/dismounting and a much better performance in Space Missions. However, as DX9 is still used and installed on many games, you may have the libraries already.

You can find these files on Microsoft's support page here. Start by making a new folder, and when you run the downloaded .exe, extract all the files to this new folder (this will help with clutter). Then, go into your newly filled folder and run DXSETUP.exe. This will run the installer and will apply all the missing libraries to your DX9 folder.

[Wall Post] Sunny’s Diner Razer™ Giveaway

Yet another opportunity to win some Razer gaming peripherals... This time, you have to hit the social media lanes and boost the visibility of Sunny's Diner podcast on iTunes with a review and Twitter with a promotional tweet, then cross your fingers.

Source: moseisleyradio.com

Razer™ Giveaway: Just because you’re a casual player, doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate hard core gear. To help you casually experience Star Wars: The Old Republic, Razer™ and BioWare are giving four lucky people some brand new Razer™ PC peripherals.