Game Update 1.7: Return of the Gree (Patch Notes)

For reference whenever the official site is inaccessible, here are the patch notes for Game Update 1.7 that was deployed yesterday. No ability changes/rebalances, but the gist is:

  • New in-game event "Relics of the Gree" (Feb 12-26)
  • New gameplay system: Reputation
  • New ruleset for open world pvp zones: small team (up to 4 players) free-for-all
  • Bugfixes
  • General, PvE, and UI tweaks
  • New Cartel Market items, new Cartel Market discounts

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Eternity Vault Ancient Pylons Puzzle Tool

Force Junkies has come up with a handy little web app to help your raid solve the Ancient Pylons puzzle in the Eternity Vault operation. Because spinning the wheels of the pylons cause mobs to spawn, nailing the right order to unlock the the doors to the final two encounters as efficiently as possible can be a major time saver.

A Plethora of SWTOR Talent Calculators

There are quite a few Star Wars: The Old Republic talent calculators/planners you can choose from nowadays! I decided not to focus on cranking one out myself because it felt unnecessary to reinvent the wheel; there are some pretty great wheels out there already. So, instead, I present you with a list of talent calculator options, with some analytical compliments and criticisms. Read More

Star Wars: The Old Republic Talent Calculator(s)

It looks like you can start planning out your SWTOR character builds already even if you haven't gotten into beta yet! Mum is not the word, because SWTOR closed beta has been as leaky as a sieve. Two polished talent calculator prototypes have recently surfaced on the web, and the talent data seems to match the information, videos and screenshots leaked from latest beta build. Non-disclosure agreement...what's that? Read More

SWTOR Mirror Skill Translator

Sometimes I'm really bad with acronyms. Okay, maybe most of the time. Reading any in-depth SWTOR guides written by players of the faction opposite of what I was playing at the time was like trying to read a foreign language, and I had to have a reference site open in another tab just to frequently look up skill names. For that reason, I scripted this search-and-replace tool to help with the "translation" process, allowing to you input an arbitrary block of text and have all of the selected class's skill and talent names translated to its mirror faction equivalent. It even takes it a step further by adding corresponding skill tooltips for your reference. Read More