Double XP Weekends Approaching in SWTOR

To prepare for the upcoming release of Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the Bioware Houston team is unleashing a month a XP boosts on weekends for all players. If you're looking to get some alts to 50 before the expansion drops, this is a great opportunity to get some levels under their belts - as this promotion stacks with other XP boosts as well. Read More

Mass Effect: Homeworlds Preview in the Dark Horse Megabundle

In Dark Horse's newly released Mass Effect digital comic and artbook "MegaBundle" (currently 50% off), there is an exclusive preview of the next Mass Effect comic series, Mass Effect: Homeworlds, written by Mac Walters. Each issue in the Homeworlds series will feature one of the main characters of Mass Effect 3. The first issue will highlight James Vega (coming April 25), as seen in the Anthony Palumbo cover, and the second issue will feature Tali'Zorah (coming May 30). Unlike the exclusively-digital Dragon Age comic series, this series will be published in both physical and digital form. Read More

SWTOR 1.1 – Rise of the Rakghouls Arrives This Week

This week's patch will bring the first major content update to Bioware's Space Fantasy MMO. Showing again that the Austin team is on the ball with providing content and fixes, Patch 1.1 promises new end-game content and a slew of tweaks and fixes to provide a more balanced experience. Let's chew up some PTR notes and take a look at what this update has to offer. Read More

BioWEAR Cosplay Alliance

Karissa Barrows, project manager of the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay Initiative, has created a Facebook group for anyone interested in seeking guidance and entry into the world of cosplaying BioWare game characters:

BioWEAR Cosplay Alliance

A community for ALL BioWare cosplayers, cosplay aficionados, and those who want to cosplay but desire a little guidance while starting up. There will never be charters, admins (beyond cleaning up spam and what have you), elitism, or anything otherwise of that nature here. What there WILL be is a group of super fun people who love cosplay and BioWare ready to share their efforts and help with yours.

Thanks to Patrick Weekes for the heads up on Twitter!

Bioware Dev Team and Mass Effect Voice Actors to Appear at Georgia’s MomoCon

Convention season is fast approaching, and with the next installment of Dragon Age in development, along with lingering questions over the direction of the Mass Effect franchise, speculation over what Bioware shows at these events could be an interesting activity for us over the summer. The guessing season starts in March, when Bioware team members Chris Priestly and Keith Hayward, along with the voices of both Sheps and Grunt, will appear at an anime convention in Atlanta, GA. Read More

SWTOR Dev Blog – Changeable Cooldown Animation Options On The Way

The latest blog update from the SWTOR devs addresses some of the feedback from the player community regarding the latest changes to the UI - namely the flashing that seems to turn your action bar into a nightclub when you're spamming abilities. The response from the team does show some responsiveness to community feedback, and in a couple of weeks we should be seeing new options to customize this aspect of the UI. Read More

Well, $*@&. Mass Effect 3 Requires Origin

A few months ago, I had made a post stating that, based on the information presented at the time, it was far too early to assume the Chicken Little position over Mass Effect 3 and EA's digital distribution platform, Origin. Perhaps I was too hopeful, but I stand corrected. Confirmation comes from Chris Priestly this week that, in fact, the final game in Shepard's trilogy will be requiring the platform on PC. Read More

Final Mass Effect 3 DLC Announced. *Sniffle*

The end of the Mass Effect 3 cycle is drawing nigh. Nearly a full year since the release of Shepard's final story, Bioware has announced two upcoming pieces of DLC that will draw a close to this Mass Effect arc. Due out Tuesday, February 26 is the new multiplayer pack Reckoning, and the week after brings the final single-player mission - Citadel. Read More

Mass Effect: Infiltrator Announced for iOS Devices

For those of you using Apple's shinies, EA announced yesterday an additional way to build up your Galactic Readiness level with a full-size looking third-person shooter for Apple's mobile platform. Developed by IronMonkey Studios, the app looks pretty impressive, and for Apple fans you get some "good ending" points and exclusive loot for Mass Effect 3. Details after the break. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age: Asunder Writing Challenge Winners Announced

BioWare has announced the winners of the Dragon Age: Asunder Writing Challenge. Congratulations to Kilyra for the overall winning entry "Last Strands of Childhood"! David Gaider also has posted up a blog entry about judging entries and some do's and don'ts tips for fan fiction.

Source: Dragon Age (Wall Photos)

The results are in for the Dragon Age: Asunder Creative Writing Challenge!

Find out who won here:
Read David Gaider's companion post:

Thanks to the Dragon Age Writing Team for reading over 400 entries. Also special thanks to our friends at @[13848807575:274:Razer] for donating a suite of Dragon Age II products for our grand prize winner!

(Today's art is by *Sandara)