[Wall Post] Dark Horse’s Dave Marshall talks comics about BioWare games

Big Shiny Robot's interview with Dark Horse Editor Dave Marshall mentions that Dragon Age will be getting another comic series, Mass Effect comics will continue even after Shepard's story ends, and SWTOR is getting another arc.

Source: www.bigshinyrobot.com

My love of video games is almost matched by my love for funny books. One company stands heads and shoulders above it’s competition for consistently putting out high quality stories and masterful visuals based on video game properties. But, that’s not all Dark Horse does. I met up with Dark Horse Edi...

Mass Effect: Conviction is free

As a part of the Dark Horse Comics Digital Retailer Exclusive promotion, Mass Effect: Conviction is a 10-page digital prequel mini-comic that helps bridge the story from Mass Effect 2: Arrival DLC to Mass Effect 3. Written by Mac Walters, it offers you a glimpse of Mass Effect 3 character James Vega. He seems to need to take an anger management class, but nevertheless, is a badass when he gets himself into a sticky situation. You can either get your redemption code for a personal copy from Dark Horse Digital by visiting your local participating comic book shop or navigating after the break for a collection of all the page images. Read More

[Wall Post] Four Amazing Mass Effect: Invasion Covers

The newest tale in the Mass Effect universe, Mass Effect: Invasion, will come to us in comic form on October 19, telling the tale of asari Aria T'Loak, pirate queen of Omega Station. This story is supposed to tie into the events of Mass Effect 3.

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Dark Horse Comics' upcoming Mass Effect: Invasion comic series hits store shelves on October 19. This series is penned by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, and features interior art from Omar Francia. The four covers shown here are from artists Massimo Carnevale and Paul Renaud, and will accompan...

Get Dark Horse’s Mass Effect digital comics for free today

To hype up their joint panel with Bioware at the San Diego Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics will be offering the first two Mass Effect story arcs, Redemption and Evolution for free over the next 24 hours. In addition, they have posted a 7-page preview of their upcoming story, Invasion in their digital store. It does require creating a free account on the Dark Horse website, but free comics! Read More