Wrath of Heroes: Champion Lineup [Updated]

Now that the NDA has been lifted, I threw together a quick display of all of the playable champions in the Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes closed beta. I find that, after selecting a champion, the few seconds before a match begins is not enough time to really absorb the data contained in all the tooltips. Also, when the beta servers are offline, nobody can check anything. So I transcribed them all from the game so that anyone can reflect on champion usage at their leisure. Read More

[Wall Post] Mage Tutorial Video – Teach Me How To Force Mage

AreleX, author of well-received Dragon Age 2 dw rogue and 2h warrior guides, recently posted up a Mage tutorial video to dispel some misconceptions about the strengths (or lack thereof) of the Mage class.

Source: social.bioware.com

Hearing the general amount of foolishness and misinformation about how 'terrible' Mages are in DA2, I decided to give a Mage playthrough a shot. The results were quite the opposite of what popular opinion would have you believe, as I had an awesome time, was incredibly powerful, and was presented wi...

A Plethora of SWTOR Talent Calculators

There are quite a few Star Wars: The Old Republic talent calculators/planners you can choose from nowadays! I decided not to focus on cranking one out myself because it felt unnecessary to reinvent the wheel; there are some pretty great wheels out there already. So, instead, I present you with a list of talent calculator options, with some analytical compliments and criticisms. Read More

Wrath of Heroes: Mourkain Temple Beginner’s Guide

Admit it, you skipped the perfunctory loading screen description and introductory comic that explains what you're supposed to do in the Mourkain Temple scenario. I know I did. And it's painfully obvious when my teammates do as well. The basic principle is really simple: kill, kill, kill. But when you start to understand the strategy behind it, you can start playing to win. Read More

DAL: Companion NPC Mini-Guide by Athenas_Wrath

BSN member Athenas_Wrath has put together an excellent overview of all the companion/follower/party-member npcs you can obtain in Dragon Age: Legends. The guide includes a list of skills each companion member can obtain by the endgame, as well as comments about their value in a party composition. Other forum members have also contributed interesting facts like gold costs for upgrading follower rooms and so forth.

SageQueen’s Fenris Friendship Guide – Scoring The Elf While Protecting Mages

There's something compelling about Fenris' character. Broody, vindictive, and yet still capable of a disarming laugh. He's a compelling choice for developing a relationship around - and one of the more interesting characters to romance in the game. One big problem though - he hates mages. Netting a friendship with Fenris while playing a pro-mage playthrough may seem a hopeless cause. However, SageQueen has put together another excellent guide to show how you can gain the Elf's friendship while championing the oppressed magic users. Read More

Mass Effect 2 Guide – No One Left Behind Part 2

Well, you made it. Here you stand, in an uncharted part of space, ready to take on the Reapers and their mindless minions. Noone back home is expecting you to come back, but follow Part 2 of our guide below the break to blow through this mission and fly home with all your friends at your side. Read More

Mass Effect 2 Guide: No One Left Behind Part 1

We still have 8 months to work on our definitive Shepards, but it's hard to resist sculpting our personal stories. For those who are working on Shepard's campaign against the Collectors, the illusive "No One Left Behind" achievement carries more weight now than a gamerscore. Check out Part One of our guide below the break to learn how to prepare your team for the point of no return. Read More