Dragon Age animated film coming to Japan in February

According to the official movie site (Japanese), the animated Dragon Age film we know as Dawn of the Seeker will be released in Japan on February 11, 2012 in theaters as Dragon Age: Blood Mage's Crusade. The English release will be done by FUNimation "sometime in 2012" direct-to-video. A new teaser trailer for the film, which includes a bit of cg animation, after the break (voiceover is in English). Read More

Dragon Age Malevolence

Inspired by Felicia Day's upcoming webseries, Dragon Age Redemption, a talented group of fans have begun working on their own live-action Dragon Age short film entitled Dragon Age Malevolence. Not much is known yet about the plot, but the group recently posted up a teaser trailer, which features lots of fighting, screaming, and blood-spattered people. It's actually pretty impressive, especially considering that they have a budget of $0. Read More

Gamespot Dragon Age 2 Showcase

When the demo was released, GameSpot posted up a ~30 minute video interviewing Bioware developer Mike Laidlaw about Dragon Age 2. There's an extensive amount of video footage showing your companion Fenris (who is not in the demo). Video, and screencaps of the revealed specialization abilities after the break. Read More

Dragon Age 2 Press Demo Gameplay Videos (Updated)

Recently, Youtube user giZm posted up ~15 minute segments of Dragon Age 2 press demo gameplay in 5 parts. It is important to note that this press demo is not the same version of the demo that everyone will get a chance to try on February 22nd, and a number of changes were made since that press demo. However, if you've got an insatiable hankering for Dragon Age 2 media, spoil yourself silly after the break. Read More