Dawn of the Seeker Combat Scene

Ah hah! Found the clip of the Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker movie combat scene that aired on G4TV's X-Play a couple of nights ago. It showcases more of the computer animation work and how that meshes with a more classic cell-shaded animation style when face-paced combat is portrayed. This also comes with the news that "Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker won't be out until later this year," according to the G4TV post (this only applies to the English direct-to-video release). Videos after the break. Read More

Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 5 – “Mercenaries”

It's Tuesday, which means a new episode of Dragon Age: Redemption. We're on the final stretch, with just one more episode to go next week. See why Felicia Day says episode 5 is one of her favorites after the break. If you want to catch up with the previous four episodes, she created a Youtube playlist which includes both the episodes and her commentaries about them. Read More

Dragon Age: Redemption – Episode 1 – “Tallis”

As promised, the first episode of Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day's dark fantasy webseries based on a game franchise near and dear to our hearts, has been posted up at Machinima's Youtube channel. It clocks in at 9 minutes, and is the first of six weekly webisodes. This story takes place prior to the happenings in Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin, which is also slated to go on sale today. Webisode video after the break. Read More

NYCC ’11 – It’s Panel Time!

New York Comic Con has left me with an increasingly sore throat, as well as puppy-level-enthusiasm for what's on the horizon from Bioware. We weren't able to attend all the panels, but for our benefit, and yours, we found videos from most of the presentations that touched on Bioware worlds and products and put them in one handy page for you after the break. Read More