Mod Monday

Okay, so there's really no connection between mods and Mondays, aside from a weak alliteration. But considering that more and more players have been discovering/creating makeshift tools to modify Dragon Age 2, we're actually seeing a healthy dose of small addons that may be of interest to many players. Check out our picks from this past week, which include unofficial game fixes, complaint fixers, unlocks, conveniences, glowing eyes, and more. Read More

Freebie: Amulet of Ashes DLC (PS3)

Thanks to some issues Best Buy had with the PS3 codes for their preorder promotion, the redemption for the Amulet of Ashes on the PS3 has been opened up to everyone who owns a copy of the PS3 version of Dragon Age 2. Simply navigate to this redemption page while logged into your Bioware account, and submit one of the existing UPC code options there, and the item will be added to your entitlements. Credit to MrMasterQ for pointing this out.

Developer Chat with Exiled Prince DLC Gameplay

On Saturday, March 5th (tomorrow), Mike Laidlaw will be doing another developer chat at 1:00pm PST. During the demonstration portion of the event, he plans to show you some gameplay of The Exiled Prince DLC and usage of the character creator in Dragon Age 2. If you can't make it, I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. Because it is Livestream, the video of the entire event will most likely be posted up soon afterwards for nitpicking.

Yet Another Task for Unlockables…

Now that the 1,000,000 demo logins goal has been reached, Bioware/EA is setting up another marketing task for you: Share their Dragon Age Facebook posts from now until March 4th. If they get 1,000,000 page views (impressions) or 50,000 shares on the day each post is made, they will unlock another tome for players to use when Dragon Age 2 comes out. This means that even just viewing the post will help towards that goal.