[Wall Post] New Dragon Age 2 DLC Rewards

New downloadable items for Dragon Age 2 today. If you've downloaded and scored an achievement on Exiled Prince, Legacy, and Mark of the Assassin, then go to this page to get the High Lord's Belt and Pendant of the Morning Frost.

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New Dragon Age 2 DLC Announced: Mark of the Assassin

Turns out that Felicia Day's appearance on GT.TV last night was to announce a new story-based Dragon Age 2 DLC named "Mark of the Assassin." It features an adventure involving Tallis, an elven assassin character created by Felicia for her upcoming web series Dragon Age: Redemption, so it all ties in together nicely. We've scrounged up the GT-world-exclusive trailer and the video of the GT.TV segment with Felicia Day after the break. Read More

[Wall Post] Dragon Age wiki “Legends”/Points giveaway

Dragon Age Wiki is sponsoring a Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC giveaway! Five winners will receive Legacy and 1600 Microsoft Points or the equivalent for the Playstation store. You'll need to sign up for a wikia account and tell them why your Hawke deserves to go to the Vimmark Mountains.

Source: dragonage.wikia.com

Sick of being stuck in Kirkwall? Want to enjoy a day without being asked for help from random people? Now is your chance to spend your summer in Vimmark Mountains, sponsored by the Kirkwall Dwarven Merchant Guild!

As this is the current trendy location for a small getaway, tickets are only available...

Mod Monday

Sorry about the belated list...it's still Monday somewhere! This week's list got a stronger than usual filter treatment, but it has essentials, feature requests, and something purely for fun to round it all out. Read More

Dura’s Blue Flame Unlocked

Dura's Blue Flame, the last of the Dragon Age: Legends unlockables for Dragon Age 2, has been unlocked to commemorate developer Ryanth's birthday and meeting the goal of 100,000 Facebook likes. To claim your free amulet for Dragon Age 2, simply log into Dragon Age: Legends on Facebook and you'll receive a message about the unlock. The amulet's stats are: +23 Attack, +10% Fire Damage, +10% Cold Damage.

Dragon Age 2: Legacy Impressions

Well, Legacy has hit the markets (save for the Europe PSN Store) and I've had a chance to play through Hawke's latest adventure. Has it improved where the main campaign was lacking? Or is this another story of dashed hopes and blighted tears? Check below the break for my impressions. Read More

Mod Monday

It's Monday, and this week's mod picks all revolve around appearances - the way things look, whether it be your characters, your actions, or your enemies. We haven't included any armor, companion, or environmental retextures this round, since the jury is still out on which ones are the best. Read More

Mod Monday

We've been a bit sluggish with updates lately while preparing a couple of bigger updates...more to come soon! But it's Monday, so it's time for some more great mod finds for Dragon Age 2. We've highlighted some fan made bugfixes for you to check out, among other oft-requested features this week. Read More