Kotobukiya’s Lucky Draw Giveaway – Bisho FemShep and Paragon Lost

Kotobukiya, the Japanese figure company, has worked with Bioware over the past couple of years in producing monstrous-eyed versions of Mass Effect favorites Liara T'Soni and now Commander Shepard. In the latest of the company's monthly giveaways, you can enter through the Facebook page for a chance to win one bishoujo FemShep statue and a copy of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (blu-ray + dvd).

Kotobukiya is running the sweepstakes from today until 3/20, and you can enter it through their Facebook app. No purchase or liking is necessary.

Mass Effect 3 M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle DLC Giveaway (PC)

Alienware Arena is giving away a limited number of keys for a Mass Effect 3 in-game item, the M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle. You just have to have or sign up for a free Alienware Arena account on their website to obtain a key, while supplies last. At the time of this post, there are a little under 3,000 keys still available but the number is dwindling quickly. The fine print on the giveaway page seems to suggest that another batch of keys will be made available for the EU launch date of March 9th, the current batch is for the US/Canada release owners.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost #WinItWed Giveaway

Today, the Official Playstation events and promos Twitter account is giving away a prize package of the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost blu-ray, Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3), and knicknacks like a signed Mass Effect: Paragon Lost poster. To enter this giveaway, you need to tweet @HeyPlayStation with the answer to this question:

Source: @HeyPlayStation

Who voices James Vega in @FUNimation & @BioWare's movie #MassEffect: Paragon Lost, available on @SonyEntNet? #WinItWed

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Mass Effect: Paragon Lost “Warning Signs” Contest

To celebrate the release of the anime film Mass Effect: Paragon Lost and its motion picture soundtrack that includes the song "Warning Signs," FUNimation and Fender are sponsoring a contest for Mass Effect fans who submit a photo of themselves with a warning sign. The slick prize package includes a custom skinned Fender Squier VINTAGE MODIFIED JAGUAR® Guitar, a copy of the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD, a set of the Mass Effect game trilogy (on the game system of your choice), and a copy of THE ANIX - Sleepwalker Album. It's unclear what the judging criteria are (or if it's just random winner selection), but you have until January 31st to enter. Read More

SWTOR Time Cards Contest

OldRepublic.net is awarding a Star Wars: The Old Republic 60-day prepaid time card to the two site members who submit the most popular (community-voted), original SWTOR guides. You have until February 15th to register, submit an entry to the contest, and get upvoted. For more details, check out their contest announcement.

Limited Edition Tali Print Giveaway

In conjunction with BioWare, the fine folks at Cook & Becker are giving away a limited edition Tali print (#41 out of 50) that recently sold out. All you need to do to enter is to tweet about their BioWare art collection with a specific link in the content of the message. C&B mentioned that they ship worldwide, so they're not limiting giveaway entries by location. Although no deadline to enter was mentioned, recent C&B tweets suggest that the giveaway winner will be selected "soon" and announced both on their Facebook page and Twitter accounts. Check their Facebook page post for the giveaway details.

Mass Effect 3 Community Banner Contest

Here's one for your inner artist: Create a Mass Effect 3 multiplayer-challenge-themed banner to be featured in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. The top five entries, as judged by the BioWare team, will be featured in the multiplayer portion of the game. Even if you haven't participated in the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect 3 avidly, you can glean some inspiration from the comprehensive list over at the Mass Effect Wiki. Submissions will be accepted by email until February 22, 2013 at 6PM GMT. Read More

BioWare CGHub 3D Challenge

[Note: it's far too late to begin work on an entry for the competition at this point, so just consider this FYI.] BioWare is sponsoring a three-month long competition for 3D artists over at CGHub, challenging them to design and render a character that would fit well in either the Mass Effect or Dragon Age universes. The contest runs from November 1st, 2012 to January 31st, 2013, and it has churned out some amazing work-in-progress entry threads thus far. Read More

Candlekeep’s Grand Fan Art Contest

A three-round fan art contest has cropped up over at the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition official forums, offering copies of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and the forthcoming Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition as prizes for the winners of each round. In each round, you can submit an unlimited number of fan art entries following the dictated theme to be judged. You may also enter any or all rounds, which span from January 9th to March 6th. See the official contest rules for exact submission periods for each round and the theme of each round. The first round has already started, and the theme is "Epic Fails In Epic Moments."