SWTOR PvP Show Looking For Submissions

I noticed the other day that RendolpheGamer, who regularly posts Ranked Warzone match videos, is looking to start a PvP show on Youtube for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As someone who regularly plays ranked and unranked warzone brackets and open world PvP on multiple classes, he seems to have some insights to share about the state of the game. And with this show, he wants to feature highlights with interesting plays, instructive clips and more. Read More

And then there was another paywall…

Imagine my excitement when I saw the announcement for the SWTOR Public Test Server Patch 2.0 release (Rise of the Hutt Cartel preview). Imagine my disappointment when I found out - after dealing with the usual launcher issues, downloading 20GB of PTS client data, and having one of my characters copied over to the PTS - that F2P players are ineligible to log into the "open" PTS server. I guess F2P players not being allowed to post in any of the official forums, including the PTS forum, should've been my first clue. Current guestimates peg the expansion/2.0 launch window anywhere between 5-8 weeks from now.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for Mac OS X

The long-awaited Mac OS X port of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition has finally gotten a release date, and it is February 22, 2013. It will initially be arriving at Beamdog, where you can already begin preloading the game, and coming soon to the Mac App Store. If you're a stickler for getting game patches as soon as they are released, history with both the Windows and iPad releases suggests that you should get the Beamdog version. There is always a delay in deploying updates through Apple's app stores due to the additional approval process. Steamplay for this title is highly unlikely right now, considering the publishing/updating situation with the current Steam version of the game, although never say never.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost…Sale? (until 2/28)

FUNimation has the Blu-Ray/DVD combo bundle for the anime movie Mass Effect: Paragon Lost in its February Sale at Amazon listings for $18, which is an all time low price for the title. However, according to CamelCamelCamel, the stable price has been about $20 since September 2012, so you can probably imagine my confusion about whether or not this implies that the price will jump back up to list value (unlikely), or jump up at all (a possibility), at the end of the month.

Controlz: Sniper/Gunslinger PvP

The second installment of ticktockbebop's Controlz Sniper PvP video series showcases many of the things I love about a good SWTOR PvP video. Plenty of people have compiled highlight reels of their most glorious moments playing just about any class, but very few of them actually take the time to include commentary or annotations their videos, and thus teach by example. What a regular player like me wants to see - beyond the basics of gearing, specs, and stats talk - is a solid grasp of class gameplay mechanics and objective-oriented gameplay: ideas on how to use your class effectively to win a fight or match, especially against the odds and without a pocket healer. Read More