Double XP Weekends Approaching in SWTOR

To prepare for the upcoming release of Rise of the Hutt Cartel, the Bioware Houston team is unleashing a month a XP boosts on weekends for all players. If you're looking to get some alts to 50 before the expansion drops, this is a great opportunity to get some levels under their belts - as this promotion stacks with other XP boosts as well. Read More

N7 Armor in Dead Space 3

As iconic as Isaac Clarke's mining helmet is, it always could a little color to make it really stand out... perhaps a bit of red stripe down the side?. To give Isaac, and his new co-protagonist Carver, some of that space pizzazz, Visceral Games have announced yet another cross-title promotion in the EA-verse. Mass Effect 3 players will be able to unlock N7-themed armors for the next chapter in EA's space horror franchise, Dead Space 3 Read More

Kotobukiya’s Lucky Draw Giveaway – Bisho FemShep and Paragon Lost

Kotobukiya, the Japanese figure company, has worked with Bioware over the past couple of years in producing monstrous-eyed versions of Mass Effect favorites Liara T'Soni and now Commander Shepard. In the latest of the company's monthly giveaways, you can enter through the Facebook page for a chance to win one bishoujo FemShep statue and a copy of Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (blu-ray + dvd).

Kotobukiya is running the sweepstakes from today until 3/20, and you can enter it through their Facebook app. No purchase or liking is necessary.

Final Mass Effect 3 DLC Announced. *Sniffle*

The end of the Mass Effect 3 cycle is drawing nigh. Nearly a full year since the release of Shepard's final story, Bioware has announced two upcoming pieces of DLC that will draw a close to this Mass Effect arc. Due out Tuesday, February 26 is the new multiplayer pack Reckoning, and the week after brings the final single-player mission - Citadel. Read More

[Wall Post] Operation RESURGENCE

New weekend operation for Mass Effect MP. All players with the new, free Resurgence Pack will receive a "Reserves Pack" which unlocks one of the new characters, as well as a 10% XP boost when playing on one of the new maps.


Operation BEACHHEAD eased the pressure on allied planets and freed up conventional forces that were being hammered by the Reapers. Hit the jump to read which front Alliance forces will be hitting next! Continue reading →

Flash Sale – Get Mass Effect Digital Comics for Cheap, Free Blasto!

Dark Horse Comics is currently holding a flash sale in its digital store, featuring the comic entries in the Mass Effect catalog. Single issues are going for $.99, while the bundles are going for at least half off (the Homeworlds bundle in particular is a great deal). You can also get The Art of the Mass Effect Universe in digital format on sale as well.

Furthermore, the one-off Blasto: Eternity is Forever issue is free for any digital store account-holder. Of course, while absolutely not necessarily canon, it's still a entertaining read.

Bioware Dev Team and Mass Effect Voice Actors to Appear at Georgia’s MomoCon

Convention season is fast approaching, and with the next installment of Dragon Age in development, along with lingering questions over the direction of the Mass Effect franchise, speculation over what Bioware shows at these events could be an interesting activity for us over the summer. The guessing season starts in March, when Bioware team members Chris Priestly and Keith Hayward, along with the voices of both Sheps and Grunt, will appear at an anime convention in Atlanta, GA. Read More