Mass Effect Anniversary Sale…

Almost didn't post about this one: Origin is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Mass Effect 3 with a lukewarm sale all three games in the Mass Effect franchise (except DLCs) as pc digital downloads. Sale ends today at 10am.

Title Price Discount
Mass Effect Trilogy $25 58%
Mass Effect 3 $10 50%
Mass Effect 3: Digital Deluxe Edition $15 50%
Mass Effect 2 $10 50%
Mass Effect 1 $7 65%

Frankly, we've seen better. Mass Effect 1 and 2 are regularly discounted by 75% ($5 each), so unless you must have those games now, I recommend waiting a bit longer for another sale to come along. Origin was clearly being stingy with the discounts on these older titles to skew you towards buying the Trilogy instead.

The pricing for the two versions of Mass Effect 3 seem to be par for the course at the moment. Origin's list pricing for the Deluxe Edition has caught up international e-tailer Gamersgate. Again, if you have an itch to play Mass Effect 3, this is the lowest those prices have been for the past few months. Remember that the Digital Deluxe Edition (DDE) is a much better value than the Standard Edition if you care about downloadable content at all, because the DDE includes the premium DLC From Ashes. See the comparison of features at Origin.

The pricing of the Trilogy is not great, but not terrible either. Last week, we saw it slightly lower at Amazon for $24. Note that the Trilogy does not include any deluxe editions of the game, it is a package of the standard editions of all three games, plus the premium DLC Pinnacle Station for Mass Effect 1. Again, the Trilogy was clearly designed to appeal to buyers of the physical boxed edition, because the digital version is woefully lacking in extras.

  • Komrad

    years later, the anniversary prices still stink.