SWTOR Mirror Skills Translator – Update 1.2

Here's another update to my Star Wars: The Old Republic Mirror Skills Translator. The biggest addition is an auto-suggest lookup box, which allows you type in a partial skill name or acronym and have it suggest abilities that match that phrase.


Auto-Suggest / Lookup Tool

I've added a rudimentary auto-suggest lookup field that accepts partial ability names, acronyms or shorthands and suggests ability names based on the dictionary used by the translator. Clicking on any of the linked names with the dotted underline will send that phrase to the lookup field for copying to clipboard.

Multiple Views

This update also adds the ability to flip between three different views to facilitate easier copy and paste:

  1. Display (default)
  2. HTML Source - copying HTML source will include all the hyperlinks for the ability names matched by the translator. It can be embedded directly into any html page or blog editor (Tip: if you copy the HTML source and then paste it back into the Input textarea, you can use that to run another translation with a different advanced class selected; eventually I will streamline translating multiple advanced classes at once, but for now, you can do it manually this way).

    In order for Torhead tooltips to show up on your webpage, you need to include the Torhead javascript anywhere on the page, as described here.

    <script src="http://tor.zamimg.com/tooltips.js"></script>

    In order to have the ability links colored by faction on your webpage, you need to include the following CSS definitions in the style section of your header:

    a.swtor-ability.empire {color:red;border-bottom:2px solid red;}
    span.swtor-ability.empire {border-bottom:2px dotted red;}
    a.swtor-ability.republic {color:blue;border-bottom:2px solid blue;}
    span.swtor-ability.republic {border-bottom:2px dotted blue;}

  3. Text Source - copying Text source is probably the most useful for pasting into forums that only accepts bbcode, not html


  • Shorthands and Alternate Phrasing (Case Insensitive)
    • added Slinger => Gunslinger
    • added Quick Draw => Quickdraw
    • added Take Down => Takedown (this may be problematic because "take down" may be used as a phrase in regular speech)

Matching Rules

  • the check for variable spacing between words in a name now also checks for zero spaces to match words that have been erroneously concatenated together (e.g. Legshot => Leg Shot, Flashbang => Flash Bang)